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Week of 25-29

Social Studies

Muslim a follower of Islam
conquest the process or action of taking someone or something over
nomadic people that have no fixed home but wanders from place to place
Iran a country in SW Asia formerly known as Persia
Jews ancestors of the Hebrews; followers of Judasim
expansion to increase in size; as to adding more territory or land
influence to effect indirectly
region geographic portion or area of land
comformity to become similar as in agree or obey
referendum the idea or practice of letting voters approve or disaprove laws
judiciary portion of government that makes laws
universal suffrage the right to vote being help by all citizens
corporate composing itself of individuals; creating a business
petition a request or plan made by someone in charge
grievance a cause for a particular problem; an issue
pavilion a portion of a building extending from the main site;like a porch
King Hassan II ruler of Morocco from 1961 to 1999
Mosque Muslim house of worship
tangible capable of being touched or understood
communication technology any device used to connect; cellphone,computer
Yom Kippur Jewish holiday observed in September or October
Five Pillars of Islam acts of duty for the Muslim that make up the foundation of Islam
Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca prescribed as a religious duty for Muslims
Mecca city in Arabia, the birthplace of Muhammad and the goal of Muslim pilgrimages
Anwar Sadat third President of Egypt serving from 1970-1981
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