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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian HIST 11 Unit 7 Test Flashcards

In the video you watched on my teacher's website, "Annexation of Hawaii", what did we learn about how Hawaiians felt about the U.S. taking control & removing the queen from power? Hawaiians were saddened by the loss of their queen, who represented both their government and their traditional culture.
In the video "Annexation of Hawaii", what did Queen Liliuokalani tell her people about attempting any kind of protest against the U.S. government & missionaries who had taken over Hawaii? The Queen told her people not to protest. She also said that the people who had taken over would recognize their mistake and reinstate her as queen.
List two (2) of the four (4) conditions of the Platt Amendment. 1.) Cuba couldn't make treaties that would weaken its independence; 2.) The U.S. would be allowed to lease naval stations in Cuba; 3.) Cuba had to keep its debt low; 4.) The U.S. had the right to intervene in Cuba to protect their independence & order.
What was the Foraker Act of 1900? This act established a civil government for Puerto Rico. The island's legislature would be elected by the people. The governor & executive council would be the final authority. The governor & executive council were appointed by their president. (Pg. 275)
What is the definition of "sphere of influence"? "An area where a foreign nation controlled economic development such as railroad construction & mining." (Pg. 276)
What was the "Open Door Policy"? This was U.S. President McKinley and Secretary of State John Hay's idea that all countries would be allowed to trade with China. (Pg. 276)
How does the term "sphere of influence" relate to the Open Door Policy? Secretary of State John Hay sent letters to all countries who had leaseholds in China (i.e. who controlled a piece of China) asking that they allow China to trade with any country they'd like. (Pg. 277)
Who/ what were the Boxers? A Chinese society that formed to fight foreign control of their country. (Pg. 277)
What was the Boxer Rebellion? The Boxers, along with some Chinese troops, siezed control of foreign embassies in Beijing & Tianjin, killing more than 200 foreigners & taking others prisoner. (Pg. 278)
What was the international response to the Boxer Rebellion? Eight nations - including Germany, Austria - Hungary, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, & the U.S. - combined to send 50,000 troops to China to rescue the foreigners & stop the Boxer Rebellion. (Pg. 278)
What was the Hay - Pauncefote Treaty? This gave the United States the exclusive right to build any proposed canal through Central America. It was signed between America & Great Britain. (Pg. 280)
What did the Roosevelt Corollary state? It stated that the U.S. would intervene in Latin American affairs when necessary to maintain economic & political stability in the western hemisphere. (Pg. 280)
How did the Mexican Revolution of 1911 grow to involve the United States? In 1914, American sailors visiting the city of Tampico were arrested but soon released. President Wilson demanded that the Mexican government apologize, but they refused. Wilson responded by sending troops to seize the city of Veracruz. (Pg. 283)
What is a "protectorate"? A situation in which the imperial power allows local rulers to stay in control of their country but they help protect them from rebellion & invasions. (Pgs. 262-263)
Does the term "protectorate" relate to the term "imperialism"? They both relate to another country taking some power from another. The difference is that, in a "protectorate", the country is allowed to govern itself, but with "imperialism", the country's government is replaced completely. (Pg. 262)
Who were William Randolph Hurst & Joseph Pulitzer? They both owned newspapers. Hearst owned a paper called "the World" and Pulitzer owned a newspaper called the "Journal". (Pg. 269)
What does the term "yellow journalism" mean? This relates to "sensationalist" news reporting where writers greatly exaggerated - and even made up - stories with the goal of attracting more readers & selling more newspapers. (Pg. 269)
What does the term "jingoism" mean? The term means "aggressive nationalism". (Pg. 271)
What is the relationship between Matthew C. Perry and the "Open Door Policy"? Both of these relate to trade with Asian countries. The Open Door Policy = all countries should be allowed to trade with China, which is in Asia. Matthew C. Perry = sent by President Millard Fillmore to force Japan to trade with the U.S.
Created by: sticklerpjpII