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Review for Test over Lewis & Clark Video Lesson

Who saved the Corps of Discovery in their two greatest moments of need? Women
What did President Jefferson hope Lewis & Clark would discover? In fact, this was the main goal Jefferson had for the exploration. Northwest Passage
What was the Northwest Passage? An all-water route across North America
Since the Corps of Discovery did not find a Northwest Passage, what was the "real discovery" they made? The land and the promises it held
What was the worst thing, the bane, of the explorer's journey Mosquitoes (Bugs)
What was the greatest difference between the Great Plains and the land the explorers on the Corps of Discovery was used to? Lack of trees
What new animals did the Corps of Discovery discover on the Great Plains? Coyote, Jackrabbit, antelope, prairie dogs, buffalo
What was Sacajawea doing when Lewis & Clark first met her? Giving Birth
Where did the Corps of Discovery spend their first winter? This is where the met Sacajawea? North Dakota
What was going to be Sacajawea's job when she went along with the Corps of Discovery? Translator
What Indian tribe was Sacajawea originally from? Shoshone
After Sacajawea had been with the Corps of Discovery for many days, William Clark described her as a... brave woman
What animal were the explorers warned, but really didn't take the warning seriously until after a couple of meetings where they had their "curiosity satisfied?" Grizzly Bears
What bad weather hit the Corps of Discovery when they were portaging around the Great Falls of Montana? Flash Flooding and a Hailstorm
How long did Lewis & Clark think the portage around the Great Falls of Montana would take them? Half a day
How long did the portage around the Great Falls of Montana actually take them? Nearly a month
When they got to the Rocky Mountains in Montana, what frustration did the Corps of Discovery have with the Missouri River? It was flowing south alongside the mountains
What did Meriwether Lewis expect to see as he approached the ridge of the Continental Divide above the source of the Missouri River? What he could see behind him (a stream leading to a river that would take them to the Pacific Ocean)
What did Meriwether Lewis actually see when he looked over the ridge of the Continental Divide? More mountains
When Lewis & Clark were negotiating for the Shoshone ponies, what "unbelievable coincidence" happened between Sacajawea and Cameahwait? Cameahwait was her brother
After negotiating for the Shoshone ponies, what did Lewis write in his journal about the day that was also his 31st birthday? That he hadn't accomplished much That he had been selfish and lazy That he would life for others and less for himself
How long did it take the Corps of Discovery to cross the Bitterroot Mountains? 11 days
How far was the journey across the Bitterroot Mountains for the Corps of Discovery? 165 miles
When the Corps of Discovery stumbled out of the Bitterroot Mountains, they came into the village of what Indian tribe? Nez Perce
The Nez Perce decided to kill the Corps of Discovery, but who convinced the leaders of the tribe to be kind to the explorers? an old woman named Watkueis
Why did Watkueis want the Nez Perce to be good to the explorers? When she was a child long ago, white people had been good to her
How did the Corps of Discovery decide where to spend their second winter after reaching the Pacific? voted
What was unusual about this vote to decide where to spend their second winter? everyone voted, including York (the black slave) and Sacajawea (the Indian woman)
What did the Corps of Discovery eat morning, noon, and night at Fort Clatsop? elk
What five supplies did the Corps of Discovery never run out of during their expedition? lead, gunpowder, rifles, paper, ink
What problem did the Corps of Discovery have with the Indians on their return trip up the Columbia River? the Indians stole from them
In violation of his own code of conduct, what did Lewis steal from the Indians? canoe
After the Corps of Discovery crossed over the Rocky Mountains on their way back, what did they do so they could explore more territory? divided the Corps of Discovery into two groups
The members of the Corps of Discovery, like John Ordway, got rewarded by the government for their efforts with cash and... land
What happened to George Drouillard after he went back to the west with John Colter? he was killed by Blackfeet Indians
What did John Colter discover when he escaped from the Blackfeet Indians? Yellowstone
Who went to the West Coast, California, when he was in his 60's and died there? Alexander Willard
Which member of the Corps of Discovery volunteered at the age of 90 to fight for the Union in the Civil War? Patrick Gass
What happened to York when the Corps of Discovery got back to St. Louis? he became a slave again
What was York's reward for being a member of the Corps of Discovery? nothing
How long did it take for William Clark to give York his freedom? 5 years
Who took in Sacajawea's children when she died and raised them as his own? William Clark
What job did William Clark take, after he married Judith (good call on naming that river after her, William) and moved to St. Louis? Superintendent of Indian Affairs
What did William Clark name his first born son? Meriwether Lewis Clark
What job did Meriwether Lewis get as a reward for his role as leader of the Corps of Discovery? Governor of Louisiana Territory
Why did Meriwether Lewis think his relationship with Thomas Jefferson "cooled"? Lewis did not finish the manuscript of his journals that Jefferson wanted
What was Meriwether Lewis doing that caused him to sink into a deep depression? drinking heavily taking opium and morphine
What did Meriweher Lewis try to do while he was on a boat going down the Mississippi River on his way back to Washington, D.C.? tried to commit suicide
What was Meriwether Lewis acting like the night he committed suicide? he was debating with himself he told people that Clark was coming for him he put down a buffalo skin to sleep on he got quiet and thoughtful
Where did Meriwether Lewis shoot himself when he stopped for the night on October 10th on the Natchez Trace? Grinder's Stand
How long did President Jefferson think it would take for people to fill up the Louisiana Purchase? 100 generations
How long did it actually take for people to fill up the Louisiana Purchase? less than 5 generations
What does "e pluribus unum" mean? out of many, one
When we say the Corps of Discovery was an example of "e pluribus unum" we mean that the "one", the group was... better than the sum of its parts, better than the many
What were Thomas Jefferson's three main instructions for Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery? Make a map and keep careful observations Study the wildlife, climate, soil, and mineral resources Make friends with the Indians, learn about them and begin trading with them
Created by: ColbyHistory
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