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SS Vocab 3

Stack for the third social studies vocab quiz of 2016

Gilded Age Period of time from the 1870’s-90’s when great poverty struck laborers and fortunes were made by a few industrialists/capitalists.
Laissez-faire capitalism An economic doctrine that opposes government involvement in commerce beyond the minimum necessary for a free-enterprise system to operate.
Trust A combination of companies handing over all their stock to a board of trustees who would then control all the companies but the original owners would get all the profits.
Sherman Antitrust Act An act to limit cartels and monopolies to protect the public from the failure of the market.
Machine politics/Tammany Hall A political machine where a boss tweed would lead and command the support of businesses. The machine's power was based on the ability of the workers to get the vote for their candidate.
Progressive movement/Progressives: An effort to fix problems that had developed in the spurt of industrial growth like removing the corruption of political machines and promoting government involvement in social and economic matters. It was a rejection of social darwinism.
Muckrakers Journalists who wrote and investigated for magazines whose purpose was to advocate for reform and change.
Created by: lopiegabby