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Social Studies Slave

What is the slave trade? Exchanging people for goods.
What is a dilemma? A situation where a person is forced to make a decision even though he or she doesn't like any of the choices
In the 1500's, people of many cultures lived where? West Africa
West African society was based on what? Families and storytelling
Why did Europeans need slaves? To work on their plantations. Slaves were cheap and got the work done.
Where did Europeans go to get slaves? West Africa
What did Europeans trade in exchange for slaves? guns, salt, rum and clothing
Why were guns important to villages in Africa? A village that had a gun was more powerful than a village that didn't
Did West Africans capture their own people for slaves? Yes West Africans enslaved people to trade for guns.
What was the slave trade called? Triangular Trade
What trade routes made up the Triangular Trade? Europe, Africa and the Americas
In the Triangular Trade, Europeans did what? Europeans took slaves and sold them to America
In the Triangular Trade, Americans did what? Americans bought slaves to use on sugar plantations and tobacco plantations.
In the Triangular Trade, Africans did what? Africans bought cloth, rum and goods from Europe and America (which was made on plantations with slaves)
What was grown in the West Indies? sugar cane
What is sugar cane turned into? sugar and molasses
What did New Englanders (Americans) turn sugar and molasses into? rum
What does Europe buy from America? Europeans buy cotton, tobacco and sugar from America (they turn it into rum and clothing)
What does Europe trade to Africa? They bring clothes, rum and tobacco to trade for slaves
What were the two ways the slave traders sold the slaves? Scrambles and the slave auction
What is The Scrambles? Public sale where the price was the same for every slave
What is a Slave Auction? The slaves stood on a platform and buyers bid against eachother
Why was the first year as a slave so hard? They gave the slaves new names and they had to work hard and follow the orders of an overseer
What was an overseer? A person in charge of the work of slaves
Where did most slaves work? In the fields. They worked 16 hours.
How did slaves find different ways to survive? They did storytelling and shared folktales, they sang music and spirituals, and they had religion (worship services)
What is a spiritual? A type of religious song that expressed deep emotion
Created by: abretz
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