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Legislative Branch

Study guide for test on Legislative Branch

What is the primary responsibility of the Legislative Branch? to make laws
What two houses make up Congress? House of Representatives & Senate
How do we determine the number of representatives per state? based on the state's population
How do determine the number of Senators per state 2 per state
How many representatives are there in Congress? 435
How many Senators are there in Congress? 100
What is the minimum age for becoming a Represenative? 25 years old
What is the minimum age for becoming a Senator? 30 years old
How many years do you have to have been a citizen to serve in the House of Representatives? 7 years
How many years do you have to be a citizen to serve as a Senator? 9 years
To serve as a Representative or Senator, you must be a resident of the state you are representing
How long is a term for a member of the House of Representatives? 2 years
How long is a term for a member of the Senate? 6 years
Is there a limit on the number of terms a Representative or Senator can serve? no
What are the steps of the lawmaking process in Congress INTRODUCE a bill by a Representative or Senator, WORK in committees, DEBATE the bill on the floor of each house, VOTE on the bill in each house, SIGNED by the President
What are some Expressed powers given to the Legislative branch? make laws for the nation, Approve the annual budget, confirms Presidential appointments (Senate), Raises revenue through taxes, Regulates interstate and foreign trade, declares war
What is the system of checks and balances? each of the three branches of the national government limits the power of the other two branches
What checks does the legislative branch have over the Executive branch (President)? override Presidential vetoes impeach and convict the President
What checks does Congress have over Judicial branch? confirm or refuse to confirm federal judges impeach and convict federal judges
What are expressed powers? Powers specifically listed in the Constitution
What are implied powers? Powers needed to carry out the expressed powers, but not specifically stated
Who helps shape legislation? Individuals and interest groups
Who is the leader of the House of Representatives? Speaker of the House
Who is the leader of the Senate? Vice - President
Who presides over the Senate if the Vice-President is absent? President Pro-Tempore
What happen if a different version of a bill passes in each house of Congress? it goes to the conference committee
What does the President do if he doesn't want a bill to become a law? Vetoes it
What can Congress do if the President vetoes a bill? Override it with a 2/3 vote
EsWhat is the Necessary and Proper clause? Congress has the power to make laws that are Necessary and Proper for carrying out the expressed powers
Created by: Lisa_Hudson



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