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Chiro History

People in Chiro

DD Palmer Discoverer, founder, father of Chiropractic. Nerve compression theory, subluxations caused by thoughts, trauma, toxins. Innate intelligence, Tone of nervous system, short lever techniques
BJ Palmer Developed Chiropractic profession. Hole in One upper cevical technique, nerve tracing and Meric system
Carver Pelvic distortion and structural approach theory Spine is weight bearing and adapts to various stresses
Cox flexion distraction
deJarnette SOT CSF flow through pumping action of the sacrum and cranial dura mater
Faye CONCEPT of motion palpation and original vertebral subluxation complex (VSC)
Fuhr Activator technique leg length inequality
Galen 1st to use terms lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, inflammation
Gillet Motion palpation technique in response to the ban of x-rays by chiropractors
Gonstead biomechanical basis of chiropractic adjustments
Goodheart applied kinesiology and and muscle testing
Hadley subluxations, disc herniations and exostoses may produce pressure on dorsal nerve root
Hippocrates Father of medicine, importance of a healthy spine for the rest of the body
Hieronymus term subluxation 1746
Illi worked with Gillet on theory that injured joint becomes fixed as edema develops Illi's sacroiliac ligament
Korr Segmental Facilitation Theory. Neurons become hyper responsive and irritable joint receptors do not influence motor activity, muscle spindles do CNS hyperactive and activates the gamma motor activity
Langworthy He and oakley smith and minora paxson published chiro book 1906 brain is a life force subluxation narrows ivf
Lillard first patient adjusted by DD Palmer
Logan Logan basic technique
Nimmo acupressure and trigger points posture receptor-tonus technique
Selye General adaptation syndrome stress can cause disease alarm, resistance, adaptaion
Stephenson 33 principles of chiropractic safety pin cycle
Thompson drop adjustments, leg length inequality
Weed term chiropractic
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