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New England Samsel

Study stack for Chapter 5 Test on New England Colonies

What was the main reason the Puritans decided to start the Massachusetts Bay Colony? to live according to their religious beliefs.
Is the statement, "Anne Hutchinson was an evil person and was probably a witch." a fact or an opinion? Opinion
Anne Hutchinson was expelled from Massachusetts for speaking against Puritan beliefs. What does the term, "expel" mean in this sentence? to force someone to leave a place.
Although the name King Philip was given to him by the English settlers, this leader was a Native American. Metacomet
This man led the Puritans from England to Massachusetts Bay in 1630. John Winthrop
Which of the four colonies we studied was known most for fertile land and success in agriculture? Connecticut
Important government meetings were held in the town meetinghouse, which was also where the colonists held ________. church
The triangular trade involved these three places. England, English colonies, and Africa.
Even though only rich white men could vote, New England colonies still had representative governments because they could ___________________________. Elect their own leaders and representatives.
What was the largest industry in the New England colonies? lumber and shipbuilding.
Since John Winthrop believed the eyes of all people would be upon them, he insisted the Puritan settlement in Massachusetts Bay be called the ________________. City upon a hill.
This leader founded the settlement of Hartford which later became part of the Connecticut colony. Thomas Hooker
This leader led followers to an island near Providence after being expelled from Massachusetts for dissent. Anne Hutchinson
This early leader of the New England colonies brought the second wave of Puritans to Massachusetts in search of religious freedom. John Winthrop
This nickname for Rhode Island explains why it was so different from the Massachusetts colony regarding religious freedom. Rogue Island
Colonial girls in New England were responsible for ___________________________. Preparing food, making clothing, soap, candles, and brushes.
Colonial boys in New England were responsible for_________________________. Working in the fields, hunting, taking care of animals, and making tools.
The name for the dangerous and often deadly route enslaved Africans took from their homes in Africa to the West Indies/colonies over the Atlantic Ocean. Middle Passage.
Puritan education was centered around this book. The Bible
Created by: stevenbutler
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