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chp 8 section 1+2

in the presidential election of 1800, republicans thomas jefferson and who received the same amount of votes aaron burr
what group broke the tie in the election of 1800 when jefferson won on the thirty sixth vote house of reps
under jefferson, congress allowed the what to end alien and sedition acts
chief justice, who wrote the supreme court opinion that gave the court the ability to check the power of the other branches of government john marshall
what was an important supreme court ruling because it confirmed the courts power to declare acts of congress illegal marbury v. madison
the idea of what made the judicial branch a much stronger part of the national government judicial review
who was the pres of the us when the us bought the louisiana territory from frances thomas jefferson
who of france offered to sell the louisiana territory to the us because he needed money for his war with great britian napoleon bonaparte
whos exploration gave americans their first real description of lands in the what zebulon pike and in the northwest
president jefferson sent meriwether lewis and who to explore the louisiana territory and to look for a river route to the pacific ocean william clark
what was the an important city because many american goods passed through its port at the mouth of the mississippi river. new orleans
even though he was against it in the beginning, jefferson agreed to support the what bank of the us
jefferson wanted to limit the powers of the national what government
the election of 1800 was important because it was the first time that one what had replaced another political party
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