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Chapter 4 lesson 1

First Idaho Missionaries

What is religion? Faith
What do we call a person who travels to new places to teach about their religion and way of life to the native people? Missionary
Who was the first missionary to the Oregon Country? Jason Lee
Where was the first church service in Idaho held? Fort Hall
Name four religions that sent missionaries to the Oregon Country. Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, and Mormon
Which Native American tribe lived near the Spaulding mission? The Nez Perce
Name the first white women to cross the Rocky Mountains Narcissa (Prentiss) Whitman and Eliza Spaulding
What event caused many people to believe that it would be safe for entire families to travel west? Eliza Spaulding and Narcissa Whitman crossing the Rocky Mountains
Which native tribe lived near the Whitman mission? the Cayuse
Near what present-day city was the Whitman mission located? Walla Walla, Washington
Near what present-day city was the Spaulding mission located? Lapwai
A small community with homes, farms, a church and a school was called what? A mission.
What were three things Eliza Spaulding taught the Nez Perce? She taught the natives to sew, knit, cook, and read.
What did the Nez Perce teach Eliza Spaulding? How to speak the Nez Perce language
What were two things Henry Spaulding taught the native Americans? Grow vegetables and raise cattle
What were two rules Henry Spaulding made the native Americans follow at his mission? Wear white men's clothing and cut their hair.
Name three helpful things built by Henry Spaulding at his mission. Flour mill, sawmill and a blacksmith shop
The Nez Perce called Lapwai Valley Pflap Pflap. What did that name mean in English? Valley of the Butterflies
How many children did the Spaulding's have? 4; three girls and 1 boy.
Name the first white child born in Idaho. (little) Eliza Spaulding
Were the Cayuse natives happy to become Christian at the Whitman's mission? Some were unhappy with the new ways and new people coming on their land
What killed about half of the Cayuse tribe that lived near the Whitman mission? Measles spread by white travelers who stopped at the mission
What is a motive? A reason to do something.
A group of Cayuse Indians attacked the Whitman mission and killed both the Whitmans and some others living t the mission. By what name is this event known? The Whitman Massacre
What is a massacre? When many people are killed at one time.
Besides killing many, the Cayuse took others as prisoners. How many prisoners were taken? More than 40.
Did the Cayuse's prisoners ever return safely? the Cayuse exchanged (traded) the prisoners to some Fur Traders who were searching for the prisoners for shirts, blankets, guns, and tobacco.
When news of the attack on the Whitman mission reached the Spauldings, how did they react? They closed their mission in Lapwai and moved away.
Did the Spauldings ever return to their mission? Henry Spaulding went back over 20 years later.
When the Spauldings died, where were they buried? Near their old mission in Nez Perce National Historical Park.
How did the Spauldings learn about the Whitman's' death? Travelers brought the news.
Name the Jesuit priest that came to live among the Coeur d'Alene tribe Father Pierre Jean De Smet.
Who was also known by the nickname: The Great Peacemaker? Father Pierre Jean De Smet
What Idaho town was named in honor of The Great Peacemaker? De Smet, Idaho
Did Father De Smet stay for a long time with the Coeur d'Alene? No. After a short time he moved further into the Oregon Country.
Name Idaho's oldest building the Cataldo Mission
Name the first Catholic Mission in Idaho The Mission of the Sacred Heart
Who built the Mission of the Sacred Heart? Father Nicholas Point and the Coeur d'Alenes
Where was The Mission of the Sacred Heart originally located? Next to the St. Joe River
Why was the Mission of the Sacred Heart eventually moved? There was constant flooding
Who joined the Mission of the Sacred Heart a few years later and helped build a new church? Father Anthony Ravalli
About how long did it take Father Ravalli and the Coeur d' Alenes to build the new church? About 5 years (1848-1853)
What materials were used to build the second church? Wood, stone, mud, and grass found all around.
Where is the Cataldo Mission located? Near the town of Cataldo in Old Mission State Park.
Years later, another priest lived at the Mission of the Sacred Heart, and people began calling the mission by this priest's name. What was his name? Father Joseph Cataldo.
Missionaries and Priests flocked to the northern parts of Idaho. Which missionaries came to the southern parts of Idaho? Mormons
What is a Mormon? A member of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Who led the Mormons? Brigham Young
Who built The Salmon River Mission on the Lemhi River? A group of 27 Mormon men
What was the nickname of The Salmon river Mission? Fort Limhi
Near what present-day Idaho town is fort Limhi located? Tendoy, Idaho
What native American tribe owned the land by The Salmon river Mission? Lemhi-Shoshone
What were the goals of the Mormon missionaries? To teach their religion to the natives, to start a community, to live in peace beside the native Americans.
What did the natives teach the Mormon missionaries? How to catch salmon
If the Shoshones converted to the Mormon religion, in what river were they baptized? The Salmon River
How many more people joined the 27 Mormon men the second year in Idaho? 60 more people
Where did the second group of Mormons settle? A few miles away from Fort Limhi.
Was the second settlement accepted by the local Bannock tribe that owned the land on which they settled? The Bannock chief, Shoo-woo-koo, welcomed them and said they could cut down trees for cabins, and hunt and fish, but could not take these things (lumber, fish, animals) from the valley.
Why did the Mormons leave? They left after Bannocks killed two men and wounded others after it was discovered that Mormons had taken 8 wagons of dried salmon to Salt Lake City--which broke their promise.
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