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Humanities Vocab Quiz

what does odysseus finally reveal about himself to the phaeacians? Odysseus finally reveals who he is to the phaeacians
odysseus begins to tell the phaeacians about his adventure on his way home from the Trojan War. one of the first stops is in the land of the lotos (lotus) eaters. what happens to the men who eat the lotus flowers? the men who ate the lotus flowers forgot about there homeland
describe the kyklop's appearance and behavior. the kyklops went without a law to bless them. kyklops have no muster and no meeting, no consultation or old tribal ways.
what does the kyklops named polythemos do to odysseus and his men? he traps them in the cave where he lives and kills a good many of them by eating them
how do odysseus and his men escape? 1. polythemos is intoxicated. when he falls asleep "nohbdy" stabs the kyklops in the eye. 2. the next morning, poly, releases the sheep/ rams from the cave, therefore releasing odysseus and his men
why do the other kyklops fail to come to the aid of polythemos? none of them come to his aid because polythemos, screams that "nohbdy" tricked me
hoe does odysseus' taunting polythemus lead to bad consequences for odysseus? polythemos calls out to Poseidon, his father, cursing odysseus and asking that it will be a long time until odysseus sees his home again. this leads Poseidon to "stall" odysseus for a years making the voyage longer than it should be
when the men go to aiolia island, what does king aiolos give odysseus and his men? what do the men do with the gift, and how does that get everyone in trouble? king aiolos gives odysseus a "mighty bag, bottled storm winds" to take them home quickly. however, the men's "prudence failed", and they give into temptation by untying the bag at the wrong time. the winds turn into a hurricane, and blow them off course
on aiaia island, odysseus and his men meet kirke. what does she turn some of his men into? how is this a symbol of the way they have been behaving? kirke turns his men into pigs. they were eating all of her food so she turned them into pigs because they were behaving like the suitors.
odysseus finds favor with kirke and the men are turned back into men. how long do odysseus and his men end up staying on the island? odysseus and his men spent a year on kirke's island
where does kirke say odysseus must go next before he goes home? kirke said odysseus must go to the house of death
in this book, odysseus takes a trip into the underworld, a ghastly place. what "shades" (ghosts/dead people) does he speak with? many illustrious people, as well as people he knew personally. elponor; odysseus' own mother; oedipus' mother; agamemnon; achilles; hercules
after visiting the underworld, odysseus and his men sail back to kirke's island. she gives them directions and advice for their journey home. what three dangerous female creatures does she warn odysseus about? 1. seirenes (sirens) - "crying to bewitch men coasting by"/ singing to lure men to their deaths 2. skylla - twelve legged, six-headed man eating monster 3. kharybdis - "whirling maelstrom"/ violent whirlpool that could suck the ship down
what else does kirke warn odysseus about, and fortell of his future? if the crew eats helios' immortal cattle," I see destruction for ship and crew"
what do odysseus and his men do in preparation for escaping the seirenes (sirens)? the men will tie odysseus tightly to the mast of the ship; he alone will hear the siren's song. the men will have beeswax in their ears so they cant hear their song and be tempted to sail to their coast, where death awaits
how does eurylokhos justify killing and eating and the sun god's(helios) cattle? odysseus' crew has been hungry for many days. eurylokhos thinks dying from hunger is a shameful death, "the worst end that a man can come to". eury. promises that out of the cattle the slaughter, some will be a sacrifice to the gods.
how do all of odysseus' men perish? all of them drowned in the sea because zeus struck the ship with a lightening bolt
arousing feelings of awe or admiration because of grandeur, strength; or causing dread and fear formidable
crafty or artful deception; cunning to attain a goal guile
extraordinary in size, amount, extent, degree, force prodigious
a dishonest person; scoundrel rogue
wisdom or caution in practical affairs prudence
strongly or stoutly built; sturdy and robust stalwart
indicating trouble, disaster, or misfortune dire
full of menacing influences; wretched and miserable baleful
sorrow, grief, or woe desolation
a secretive entrance stealth
delicate or faint and mysterious subtle
cheerless and gloomy disconsolate
to scold; to find fault chide
humble prayer, entreaty, or petition supplication
Created by: VickieJ10
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