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Chpt 8 Constitution

Where was the Constitution written? (city, state) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What year was the Constitution written? 1787
What year was the Constitution ratified? 1788
True or False? The Constitution set the number of Supreme Court Justices at 9. False. The Constitution let the Congress decide the number.
How many electors does each state get in the Electoral College? Number of Senators (always 2) + Number of Representatives for that State = Number of Electors
Under which article of the Constitution can you find the Electoral College? Article II
True or False? The Constitution set the number of Representatives at 435. False. The Constitution only set the number of Representatives according to population. The number 435 was set in 1929.
Define "Enumerated Powers." Where is it located in the Constitution? Powers specifically assigned to Congress. Enumerated Powers are found in Article I.
How many Supreme Court Justices are there? 9
For an amendment to be PROPOSED, it must be approved by 2/3 of _____ or ____. Each house of Congress OR the States
For an amendment to be RATIFIED, it must be approved by what fraction of the states? 3/4
What is the main function of the Executive Branch? To carry out the laws (enforce the laws, execute the laws, implementing the laws).
What does "bicameral" mean? A legislative body that has two house or chambers.
Name the two houses of the U.S. Congress? The House of Representatives and the Senate
Define "separation of powers." Assigning the powers of government into three branches.
Name the three branches of government. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial
Which house of Congress's members are based upon population? House of Representatives
Which house of Congress's members are based upon equality between the states? Senate
Which two main aspects of the Virginia Plan became part of the Constitution? [1] Separation of Powers [2] Bicameral Legislature
Who was the author of the Virginia Plan? James Madison
According to the Constitution, what is the least amount of members of the House of Representatives a state can have? ONE
Which Constitutional Amendment gave women the right to vote? XIX (19th)
Which Constitutional Amendment gave 18 year old's the right to vote? XXVI (26th)
What is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to an immigrant? Naturalization
Which Constitutional Amendment gave the right to vote to all men of any race? XV (15th)
What can cause a state to gain or lose their total number of representatives? If there is a change in its population
Name the three requirements to become President. [1] Natural born citizen, [2] 35 years old, [3] must have lived in the United States for 14 years
Name the three requirements to become a U.S. House Representative. [1] U.S. citizen for 7 years, [2] 25 years old, [3] resident of the state he or she is chosen to represent
Name the three requirements to become a U.S. Senator [1] U.S. citizen for 9 years, [2] 30 years old, [3] resident of the state he or she is chosen to be Senator
True or False. A republic is a government where people rule through popular vote. False. A republic is a government that rules through elected representatives.
Define "veto." A decision by the President to not allow or approve a law passed by Congress.
Define "judicial review." The Supreme Court's authority to examine an act or law and declare it unconstitutional.
True or False. The Bill of Rights limits the power of government and protects the rights of individuals. TRUE
What are the first three words of the Constitution's Preamble? "We the People..."
Name the system that keeps one branch of government from becoming more powerful than the others. Checks and Balances
When referring to "U.S. Soil," it means the land of the United States and also ____ and ____ . U.S. Territories and U.S. Military Bases around the world
How many Articles are in the Constitution? 7
What is the main function of the legislative branch? To make the laws
What is the main function of the judicial branch? To interpret the laws
Define "Elastic Clause." Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution gives powers to Congress that are not specifically named but are implied.
Created by: LRThompson
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