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epic A long poem that tells a story.
acropolis A high, rocky hill on or near which early people built cities.
city-state A city with its own traditions and its own government and laws; both a city and a separate independent state.
aristocrat A member of a rich and powerful family.
tyrant A ruler who takes power with the support of the middle and working classes; not necessarily cruel or violent.
democracy A form of government in which citizens govern themselves.
peninsula An area of land nearly surrounded by water.
Homer Greek poet credited with composing the epics the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Solon Athenian statesman who made Athens more democratic.
Troy An ancient city in northwestern Anatolia, the Asiatic part of Turkey.
Doric Simplest of the Greek columns.
Ionic Greek column with a scroll-like design.
Corinthian Most ornate of the Greek columns frequently embellished with leaves and flowers.
blockade Surrounding and closing a harbor to prevent goods from entering or leaving the port.
Marathon Plain 25 miles north of Athens site of a battle with the Persians.
helot Spartan name for slaves.
plague Widespread disease.
Sparta Militaristic city-state located on the Peloponnesus.
Persia Well developed expansive civilization known for the extent of its empire and how well they treated those they conquered.
Athens City-state known as the cradle of democracy and the development of art and literature.
agora Public market and meeting place in Greek city-states.
tribute Payments, like taxes, paid by allies often for protection.
immortal Someone or something that lives forever.
philosopher Someone who uses reason to understand the world around them.
tragedy A serious type of drama that ends in disaster for the main character.
Pericles Athenian leader who played a major role in the development of democracy.
Parthenon The chief temple to the Greek goddess Athena on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.
Socrates Athenian philosopher who taught through questioning and was put to death for challenging Athenian values.
Iliad Epic poem about the Trojan War.
Odyssey Epic poem about the adventures of Odyssey.
Trojan Horse Large wooden horse used by the Greeks to trick the Trojans.
Paris A wealthy prince from Troy who kidnapped Helen from Menelaus.
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