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Roaring 20s study gu

ch. 12-13 study guide Roaring Twenties

What factors made it difficult to enforce the regulations of Prohibition? Police took bribes, people ignored the law, not enough money to enforce the law.
What is a speakeasy? Illegal bars of the 1920s.
Describe the Harlem Renaissance. Celebration of AA culture through art and literature.
Who was John T. Scopes? Broke Tennessee law prohibiting the teaching of evolution. Led to the Monkey Trials.
Explain the beliefs of Fundamentalists. Literal interpretation of the Bible.
Who was Charles Lindbergh and what did he do? Pilot that made 1st solo flight across the Atlantic.
Who was F. Scott Fitzgerald? American author of the '20's. Coined the phrase Jazz Age to describe the decade.
List 2 magazines started in the 1920’s that are still in publication today. Reader’s Digest, Time
What type of music is closely associated with the 1920’s and list 2 important musicians. Jazz, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington
Describe the Sacco and Vanzetti case. Italian immigrants, anarchists. Convicted of a murder they didn’t commit. Example of nativist feelings of the decade.
What did Mitchell Palmer do and why? US Attorney General. Led raids violating civil liberties to protect the US from political radicals.
Describe Urban Sprawl and what caused it to happen? Outward city growth, Creating Suburbs, Automobile.
Describe the Teapot Dome Scandal. Albert Fall leased land containing US Navy oil to a private company. Only cabinet member to be convicted of a felony.
Who was Earnest Hemingway? WWI vet. Author of Farewell to Arms
What did migrants from small towns have to adjust to in big cities? Adjusting their small town values to the attitudes of the big cities.
List the major issues facing America following WWI? Social Changes, Vets needing jobs, Cost of living doubled during WWI, debate over the League of Nations.
What happened at the Washington Naval Conference? 5 major nations of the world agreed to reduce the size of their navies.
Describe the Dawes Plan. US loaned $ to Germany so Germany could make reparation payments to France and Britain. They would in turn use the $ to repay their war loan debt to the US.
What was the Ohio Gang? Pres Harding’s corrupt group of poker pals from Ohio that served on his cabinet.
Who was Albert Fall? Arrested for the Teapot Dome Scandal
List all impacts from the growth of the Automobile industry. New business opportunities, Independence for the youth of America, Urban Sprawl, Eased isolation of rural life, led to growth of new industries.
List industries that struggled during the 1920’s. RR, Iron, Farmers
What did the 18th Amendment do? Prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol.
Who was Al Capone? Most famous of all ‘20’s gangsters. Ran successful bootlegging ring in Chicago.
What types of job opportunities opened to women during the 1920’s? Clerical and secretarial jobs created by the growth of big business.
Describe Flappers. Young rebellious women of the 1920’s that embodied the spirit of the Jazz Age.
What led to the increase in school enrollment in the 1920’s? Need for educated workers in the new industrial businesses of the ‘20’s.
Who was Marcus Garvey? Civil rights leader that encouraged his followers and all AA to emigrate to Africa.
List Authors of the Harlem Renaissance. Zora Neale H. Jurston, Langston Hughes, Claude McKay
What legacy did the 1920’s leave behind? Increased personal freedoms, Growth of cities, Gender and Racial Social Advancement, Changes in music and art. Increased Social acceptance. The Automobile.
Created by: Katwill678