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finding and significance

AC twice as long as BC with RInne test Normal hearing
AC/BC both lessened in 1 ear Nerve conduction deafness
BC>AC with RInne test serous otitis media
Bilateral dilated pupils cocaine, barbiturate, amphetamine abuse
bilateral pin point pupils heroin abuse
bilateral swollen optic discs raised intracranial pressure, brain tumor
blue sclera osteogenesis imperfecta
blurred margins of macula or pigmentation macular degeneration
copper or silver wiring of retinal arterioles hypertensive retinopathy
cupped optic disc chronic glaucoma
enlarged tongue hypothyroidism in infants
exopthalmos hyperthyroidism
flame hemorrhages diabetic retinopathy
foul, purulent unilateral nasal discharge sinusitis, foreign body
goiter with brittle, dry, coarse hair myxedema (hypothyroidism)
goiter with exophthalmos, tachycardia Graves (hyperthyroidism)
gray ring around cornea ( arcus senilis) hyperlipidemia
lid lag hyperthroidism
large head in child with open fontanelle hydrocephalus
loss red pupil light reflex cataract, neuroblastoma
loss of outer third eyebrow hypothyroidism or leprosy
midline neck mass moves with tongue thyroglossal cyst
midline bony mass in hard palate torus palatines
mucopurulent discharge from ears otitis media
nasal septum perforation cocaine abuse
pale conjunctiva anemia
periorbital edema cellulitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis/myxedema
painful red eye, discharge conjunctivitis
painful eye circumcorneal redness iritis
bilateral ptosis myasthenia gravis
unilateral ptosis Horner's
puffy eyelids in the morning renal dysfunction
tophus on helix of ear chronic gout
beef red tongue b12 defiicient
magenta tongue b2 deficient
xanthalesma yellow plaque in upper medial eyelid, hyperlipidemia
Created by: polystachya