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lms 8 history'

Unit 5 Andrew Jackson

England's Magna Carta and the United States Bill of Rights both ensured the Basic rights for each country's respective citizens
The ----?---- wanted a Bill of Rights added to the constitution as a protection of individual rights Anti-federalist
The great compromise established what to fairly represent all states Two house legislature
Trial by jury is included in the bill of rights because it was a grievance against King George
The constitution reflects the principal of this by allowing the people to choose their own representatives Popular sovereignty
The Age of Jackson from 1824-1845 was named after Andrew Jackson because he was Such a dominant political figure in the country during that time
Changes in suffrage or right to vote changed politics by I got a voice to all people not just the wealthy
John C Calhoun reacted to the Tariff of 1828by claiming that the states had the right to Cancel any federal laws deemed unconstitutional
Who proposed a compromise tariff that eased the tensions over the Tariff of 1828 Henry Clay
Some referred to president Jackson as king during the bank war because they felt he had used his power inappropriately by Vetoing the charter for the bank
President Jackson is said to have responded to the Supreme Court decision on Worchester v Georgia by saying, John Marshall has made the decision, now let him enforce it, meaning The Supreme Court did not have the power to enforce its decision, so he could ignore it
The Indian removal act went against Worchester v Georgia by ignoring the fact that Indian lands were Sovereign and not technically part of the United states
Samuel A Worchester would have most likely viewed the end result of the legal battle between Georgia and the Cherokee people as A disappointment, because he argued for the Cherokee's right to their lands
One of the challenges the American Indians faced along the Trail of Tears was The great distance they had to travel
The mountain men help with the expansion into the Oregon Country by using their Knowledge of the terrain to help the settlers make it through the mountains
The Oregon trail grew from small beginnings to a Major migration routes
American settlements in the Oregon Country. Changed in the 1840's when Missionaries and settlers joined the fur traders who went there before them
The creation of the Oregon Trail related to manifest destiny in that it completed the Goal of extending the United States to the west
The Mormons moved to Utah so they could Freely practice their religion
The most likely concern for the settlers traveling through the Rocky Mountains was An early snow
Congress initially refused to annex Texas because Slave states would out number free states
As settlers from the south moved westward many brought the Institution of slavery with them
With westward expansion between 1820-1850 slavery almost doubled as New slave states were admitted
Who invented the steamboat that allowed for cheaper transportation of crops Robert Fulton
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