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SS Ch 4 L1

Ohio, A Free State

In the 1800s, people in the U.S. fought over many issues. _________, ________, and ________ were ideas that divided citizens. slavery, taxes, and rights of states
The Northern Economy was based on... trade and industry
The Southern Economy was based on... agriculture (farming)
In 1820, Congress agreed to the ____________ _____________ that made a border line in the U.S. to show which new states could allow slavery and which new states would not allow slavery. Missouri Compromise
The Liberty Party was a political party that supported... laws to end slavery
The Liberty Party joined the Free Soil Party to become the... Republican Party
Abolitionists agreed with the words of the ______________ ___ ____________________ that "all men.... are created equal
Quakers were a religious group that believe in freedom
In the mid-1800s, some Ohioans became angry at African Americans after many people moved to Ohio to find... jobs in the cities
A system of houses, hiding places, and safe roads for people to use to escape to the North was known as... the underground railroad
Using railroad terms helped abolitionists.... transport slaves to barns, attics, or secret rooms
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