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Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion -Moving westward -Northwest Ordinance -Manifest Destiny -Annexation of Texas
1803 Louisiana Purchase
Early 1800s When the US expanded the most
60,000 People Under the Northwest Ordinance (1787) territories applying for statehood had to have a self-government and ____________ ______________.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty of ___________ _______ (1848) ends the war, grants the United States the Mexican Cession for $15 million - includes territory found today in the modern states of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and California
Mexican Cession Territory gained from war with Mexico in 1848 as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Louisiana Purchase Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
New Mexico Which one is not a part of the Louisiana territory: Arkansas, Missouri, or New Mexico?
Arizona Which one is not a part of the Louisiana territory: Kansas, Arizona, or Minnesota?
Lewis and Clark Sacagawea from the Shoshone tribe acted as an interpreter and guide on the _____ and _______ expedition.
Manifest Destiny Expanding the nation's borders/territory to provide security and a desire to expand democracy political root of
Texas President Polk desired to expand the United States (Manifest Destiny) and annexed the Republic of ________ in 1845.
troops Rio Grande was claimed by the United States and disputed by Mexico. Polk sent U.S. ______ to patrol the disputed area.
Railroad United States paid Mexico $10 million for the Gadsden Purchase for area to put in a ______________.
west Many settlers moved ______________ to improve their lives and find riches mining.
France U.S. bought Louisiana territory from?
Mexico The U.S. gained Mexican Cession from ___ after the Mexican- American War.
Mexico The U.S. purchased Gadsen Territory from_______.
Mexico Texas gained independence from ________________.
land A new life and cheap ____________ lured European immigrants to the U.S. during 1800's.
California People flooded into ___________ when gold was discovered.
rivers Moving westward you could follow a trail or boat down navigable _______.
Mississippi River Most trails and all new territories post 1803 were west of the ________________ _____________
Northwest Ordinance of 1787 way to create states
Democracy Self-Government
US-Mexican War Border Dispute between the Rio Grande and Nueces, land claimed by both Mexico and the U.S. Polk sent soldiers to the area and war started.
Part of Mexico California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah
Gold Rush California
Potato Famine Disease in the potato that caused the Irish to come to the U.S.
Persecuted Why Mormons headed west
Chinese Came across Pacific to help in the Gold Rush and build the Transcontinental Railroad
Germans Came for economic reasons, and brought Kindergarten and Polka over.
Technology Railroads and the telegraph
Bison forced out of their habitat by new forms of technology like the railroad.
Navigable Rivers Missouri River and Mississippi River located in the Louisiana territory help make settling in the area easier.
new types of technology and transportation Manifest destiny brought ______________ to the west.
Utah Mormon trail ended here and they settled.
Irish Worked in factories in urban areas after leaving their home when the Potato Famine hit.
California Polk believed _______________ to have many ways to make money.
Created by: anna.melton
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