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Finding and significance

Absent breath sounds Pleural effusion, pneumothorax
absence of nail bed angle or schamroth space CLUBBING TB, lung cancer, lung abcess, bronchiectasis
Biots respiration (irregularly irregular) Damage to medulla-CVA, trauma or tumor
Bronchophony (loud breath sounds) pneumonia, compression atelectasis
cheyne-stoke breathing (regularly irregular) CHF, raised intracranial pressure
crackles pneumonia, CHF, bronchiectasis,
cyanosis-central Fallots, severe respiratory distress
cyanosis-peripheral cold temperatures, raynauds
decreased tactile fremitus COPD, pleural effusion, asthma
egophony (e sounds like a) pneumonia, compression atelectasis
flared nasal alae respiratory distress
Gibbus Potts disease, TB
Halitosis Bronchiectasis
Hyper-resonant percussion pneumothorax, emphysema, asthma
increased tactile fremitus pneumonia, TB
intercostal space bulging pleural effusion and empyema
intercostal space retraction severe asthma, and upper airway obstruction
kussmauls breathing (deep rapid breathing) diabetic ketoacidosis
musty ammonia breath liver failure
pectis carinatum (pigeon sternum) rickets, congenital abnormality
pectin excavatum (funnel chest) rickets, congenital abnormality
pitted nails psoriasis
pleuritic friction rub pleurisy
precordial friction rub pericarditis
red currant jelly sputum klebsiella pneumonia
rust colored sputum pneumococcal pneumonia
stony dull percussion note pleural effusion
sweating with chest pain MI, PE or dissecting thoracic aorta
Tender swollen costochondral joint Tietze's syndrome
Tracheal shift Pleural effusion, tension pneumothorax, TB
Tracheal tug aneurysm of arch of aorta
wheeze asthma, bronchiectasis and COPD
whispered pectoriloquy pneumonia, compression, atelectasis
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