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Early Republic

Early Republic Vocabulary

Aliens Foreigners living in the US
Bill of Rights Statement of Legal Protections (Amendments 1-10)
Blockade To block, or close-off, access
Cabinet President’s group of official advisors
Caucus Private Meeting
Cede To “give” or “grant”
Citizen Genet Arrogant French diplomat who tried to raise American support but insulted George Washington and was forced to leae the country.
Democratic-Republicans (Jefferson) Believed in limited national government and stronger states; tended to oppose decisions of the Washington and Adams administrations
Embargo An official government ban on trade
Federalists (Hamilton) Believed in a strong national government; tended to support decisions of the Washington and Adams administrations.
Impeachment To charge a government official with a crime
Impress Kidnap and force into service
Jay Treaty 1794 Agreement with Britain for trade, boundaries, & debt
Judicial Review Power of the Supreme Court to determine what is constitutional or unconstitutional
Laissez-faire French term for “let them be;” keep your hands off
Loose Construction Flexible Interpretation of the Constitution
Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court case establishing the precedent of Judicial Review
National Debt Total amount of money owed
Neutrality Policy of Not taking sides in a dispute
Nullify Cancel
Political Party Group of people with similar ideas and beliefs about government.
Precedent A Model or Example to follow
Privateer Privately owned armed ship for hire (Mercenary Ship)
Tariff Tax on imports and exports
Tribute Protection Money
Unconstitutional Against the Constitution
War Hawk Someone who encourages war
Washington’s Farewell Address Warned against forming political parties and forming alliances with foreign countries.
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