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Chapter 16 Test

Civil War

What was the Emancipation Proclamation? an order from Lincoln calling for all Confederate slaves to be freed
Why did Lincoln replace General McClellan with General Burnside? McClellan was not aggressive or daring enough
Why did African Americans have more difficulties than the white soldiers during the Civil War? African Americans were killed or sold into slavery if captured by the Confederacy.
What did Lincoln do to silence those who opposed the war? he suspended habeus corpus, which were protections against unlawful imprisonment so he was able to jail enemies of the Union without trial
What was the economic condition of the South after the end of the Civil War? it was in critical condition; homes and jobs were not available to most people
What was the purpose of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? to remind Americans of the reasons that the Civil War was being fought
What was the largest African American unit in the Civil War? This unit played a key role in the attack on South Carolina's Fort Wagner. 54th Massachusetts Infantry
What marked the end of the use of wooden warships powered by sails and wind? the development of new warships that were called ironclads
What battle shifted control of the Civil War from the South to the North? Battle of Antietam
Explain what General Winfield Scott's Anaconda Plan was. employ a naval blockade of southern ports and gain control of the Mississippi River to divide the Confederacy.
What did many women do during the Civil War? provided medical care for the soldiers injured in the war
Which battle shattered the Union's hope of winning the war quickly and easily; the first battle of the war? First Battle of Bull Run
What was the goal of the Union army in the West? to gain control of the Mississippi River
What important contribution did General Sherman make to the Union war effort? he succeeded in destroying southern railroads and industries by capturing Atlanta and setting many fires along the way
How did the Civil War begin? with the firing of Confederate guns on Fort Sumter
How did the life of many African Americans change after the Civil War? many were free because of the Emancipation Proclamation, so they went from being slaves to free men
Why did General Lee surrender his troops at Appomattox Courthouse? The Union had surrounded his troops and he had run out of supplies
On what principle from the Declaration of Independence did President Lincoln base the Emancipation Proclamation? the principle that all men were created equal
How did life change for civilians in the North during the Civil War? civilians that were incapable of serving in the war had to take over the jobs left vacant by soldiers in the war
What was the strategy of total war adopted by General Sherman? destroying civilian and military resources
Why was the Battle of Gettysburg a turning point in the Civil War? it was the last time Lee's troops launched an attack in the North
What feature made the new warships developed by the South dangerous to the Union? the ships were heavily armored with think metal plating
What was the main problem for the army of both sides when preparing for the war? soldiers were inexperienced and undisciplined
How were prisoners of war treated during the Civil War? often held with out shelter and given little food
Cotton diplomacy was based on what belief? Britain would support the South because it needed the raw cotton
Created by: shawna_westbrook