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Canadian History

Black Hand Group that assassinated Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
Prime Minister during WWI Robert Borden
Conscription Mandatory enlistment
Income tax Temporary measure during WWI on the Homefront
Supporters of Conscription Families of soldiers
Opponents of Conscription Pacifists, French Canadians, and Farmers
Rationing Saving food to send overseas for soldiers
Ypres Battle involving first use of chlorine gas
Somme Battle involving the first use of the tank by Britain
Passchedaele Muddy nightmare
Vimy Ridge creeping barrrage
U-boats (subs) Germany
Triple Entente France, England, Russia (Canada)
Triple Alliance Germany, Italy, Hungary
Lusitania U.S. entry into the war
Treaty of Versailles Canada got its first seats at an international war conference, independent from Britain
War Guilt Clause Germany had to claim all responsibility for WWI
Flappers Women who rebelled by cutting their hair, drinking, dancing, and staying out late.
Famous Five Fought to have women declared as "persons" under the law
Model T Ford Invention of the 1920s
Residential Schools Native Canadian children assimilated into "Canadian culture" through removal from their homes
Prohibition Law preventing the production and sale of alcohol
Too much buying on credit Cause of the Great Depression
Mackenzie King 5 cent speech
Relief Camps Make work projects for unemployed men during the Depression
Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf
Nuremberg Laws Removed citzenship from Jewish German citizens
Holocaust Over 6 million people were killed in concentration camps because of their Jewish heritage
Plebiscite Vote held on conscription to let Mackenzie King out of his promise of no conscription in WWII
Attack on Pearl Harbor U.S. enters WWII
Japanese Canadian Internment Concerns citizens would be disloyal and were put in camps for the duration of WWII
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers France, Britain, Canada, Russia
Battle of Britain Aerial bombing of civilians in Britain by Germany's Luftwaffe
Dieppe Disaster
D-Day Success at Juno Beach
Hong Kong All Canadians were captured or killed
Battle of the Atlantic U-boats hunting Allied cargo ships
Little Boy, Fat Man Atomic Bombs
Yalta Conference End of WWII
Igor Gouzenko Soviet spy who warned Canada of its involvement in the cold war.
Baby Boom Increase in population after the end of WWII.
Women in the 1950s Women were told to leave the workplace and return to their traditional roles as wives and mothers.
Cuban Missile Crisis First time Canadians felt directly threatened by the possibility of a nuclear attack
Victory Bond Savings certificates sold to Canadians to help pay for the cost of WWI
War Measures Act An emergency act that gave the federal government the power to make quick, unchallenged decisions in times of war.
Sovereignty-association The idea that Quebec should be politically independent from Canada, but still maintain close economic ties
Separatism The political idea that supports establishing Quebec as an independent nation
Relief Financial assistance from the government - today it is called welfare
peacekeeping Actively keeping the peace between nations or regions through international military and non-military efforts.
Just Society Pierre Trudeau's vision of creating a country based on principles of freedom, equality, and compassion.
Iron Curtain Boundary between communist and capitalist states in Europe
Great Depression A time of economic hardship that began with a stock market crash.
Distinct society An expression used to describe Quebec's unique place in Canadian society
Anti-Semitism An attitude of hatred toward Jewish people or a policy that discriminates against Jewish citizens.
Vietnam War Canada only sent volunteers into this captialistic/communism conflict, while the U.S. drafted people into the army.
NATO Canada is part of this post WWII military alliance.
Warsaw Pact Alliance between the communist countries after WWII
Berlin Wall Built to separate East and West Germany
FLQ Group that kidnapped Pierre LaPorte and James Cross
Hippies Rebelled against society through music, clothing, and protests
Brian Mulroney Introduced the GST, Free Trade (NAFTA) and failed to pass Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords
Rene Levesque Held a referendum on sovereignty-association that failed to pass
Quiet Revolution Quebec government urged Quebecois to become masters of their own house "Maitres chez nous", modernize Quebec
Official Languages Act Pierre Trudeau passed this legislation making Canada an official bilingual nation
Bill 22 Robert Bourassa passed this bill that made French the only official language in Quebec
Bill 101 Rene Levesque replaced Bill 22, banning the use of English in government and business in Quebec
Repatriating the Constitution The constitution came fully under Canada's control and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was introduced
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