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STAAR facts 27-56

A form of government that is run for and by the people,giving people the supreme power Democracy
Where were the first shots of the American Revolution fired at? Lexington,Massachusetts in April 1775
Where was the site of the first battle of the American Revolution? Concord,Massachusetts
What battle was the turning point of the American Revolution? Battle Of Saratoga
The British defeat at this town by George Washingtons troops signaled the end of the American Revolution Yorktown,Virginia
A tax on goods brought into a country Tariff
A tax placed on goods from another country to protect the home industry Protective Tariff
Rights that cannot be taken away or given up.Life,Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness are among these rights. Unalienable Rights
A document written by Thomas Jefferson,declaring the colonies independence from England. The Declaration Of Independence
The first American Constitution,it was a very weak document. The Articles Of Confederation
Sets out the laws and principles of the government of the United States The Constitution of the United States
Advised the United States to stay in "neutral in its relations with other nations" and to avoid "entangling alliance" George Washingtons Farewell Address
Ended the French and Indian War and effectively kicked the french out of North America The Treaty Of Paris of 1763
Ended the American Revolution and forced Britain to recognize the United States as an Independent nation The Treaty of Paris of 1783
American Patriot who worked as a spy for the Americans against the British James Armistead
American patriot and sea captain know as the father of the US navy John Paul Jones
An African-American teacher,patriot and American Revolutionary War veteran,assessor,auditor and first black land owner in New England Wentworth Cheswell
Governor of Spanish colony of Louisiana in 1777.When Spain entered the revolutionary war on the side of the American colonies,he helped fight the British in louisiana,alabama and Florida. Bernardo de Galvez
A polish born jewish immigrant to america who played an important role in financing the revolution Haym Salomon
A member of the sons of liberty who started the committee of correspondence to stir public support for American independence Sam Adams
An inventor,statesman,diplomat,signer of the Declaration of Independence and delegate to constitutional convention Ben Franklin
Wife of John Adams and women's rights advocate.Wrote famous letters to husband john Abigail Adams
Patriot who wrote the first history of the Revolutionary War.From notes she had taken while in various Patriot meetings Mercy Otis Warren
The King of England who disbanded the colonial legislatures,taxed the colonies and refused the Olive Branch Petition leading to a final break with the colonies King George III
Wrote the Declaration of Independence;became the 3rd president and purchased the Louisiana territory Thomas Jefferson
Wrote pamphlets like Common Sense and The Crisis to encourage American Independence and resolve Thomas Paine
The leader of the Continental Army who became the 1st president George Washington
A leader of the Federalists,first treasurer of the US,creator of the bank of the US and killed in a duel by the Vice President of the Us,Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton
A passionate patriot who became famous for his fiery speeches in favor of American Independence.His most famous quote included the words "give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry
Considered to be the "father of the constitution" James Madison
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