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Ancient Rome

Pax Romana 200 Years of relative peace under the Emperor Augustus
Nero Unpopular emperor, believed to have played the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground
Julius Caesar Assassinated on the Ides of March, had affair with Cleopatra
Octavian/Augustus Defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra and returned power to the senate
Marcus Aurelius Antonius One of Rome's "Five Good Emperor's" and father to Commodus, He was both scholar and an effective general.
Pompeii City hit first by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius
Hadrian Had Pantheon built to increase his popularity and a Wall built in England to protect Roman settlements
Caligula Had the Roman baths built to improve his image, used to practice making scary faces in the mirror
Cleopatra Not of Roman birth, last Pharaoh of Egypt and died by a snakebite
Commodus Emperor more interested in becoming a gladiator or wrestler than ruling
Trajan Had the Forum built during his reign
Columns Doric, Ionic, Corintian
Senate Represents the people
Aquaduct Controls water distribution
Circus Maximum Chariot Racing
Bascilla Courts
Gladiators Usually slaves who fought to one day earn their freedom
Romulus and Remus Brothers who fought over who would originally rule Rome
Concrete Magical substance that allows Roman structures to still stand today
Praetorian Guard Designed to protect the Emperor
Slaves Lowest class in Roman society
Women Had the worst seats in the Collosseum
Pantheon Temple to worship all the Gods, has an oculus
Herculaneum People died on the shores in the boat houses, burned to ashes
Three Breaths Theory Explanation of how people of Pompeii died in their homes
Collosseum Gladiator games and site for execution of criminals
Tunnels Hundreds of these lie beneath the Collosseum
"All roads lead to Rome" All areas conquered by Rome had these built
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