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7th Geo.-MIdterm

Calendars, Time, Early Man, Mesopotamia

In early civilizations, to include Sumer, Egypt and Babylon, members of which social class were responsible for recording government, religious and business activities? Scribes
One of the oldest epic stories was about a legendary hero called _____________________. Gilgamesh
In early civilizations, myths weren’t just entertainment; they also provided a means for people to do what? -to explain events in the natural world -to provide lessons to be learned -to provide examples of bravery and cunning -all of these All of these
By 900 BCE, which culture had conquered most of Mesopotamia? -Assyrians -Greeks -Akkadians -Persians Assyrians
Which of these was the main god of the Babylonians? -Enki -Inanna -Marduk -Ra Marduk
Which ruler created a set of laws that are still used as a basis of law today? One of them dealt with the concept of “an eye for an eye”? Hammurabi
24. Which ancient culture had gods and goddess to include, Enlil, Enki, Utu and Inanna? -Sumer -Egypt -Persia -Greece Sumer
Which ancient culture was best known for its trade and written language? (It also contributed to our language today) Phoenicians
A pillar, normally used as a monument or memorial in ancient times is called a(n)____? Obelisk
Who was the king or leader of the Akkadians? Sargon
Which of these rulers were influential in making Persia into a large and powerful empire? -Menes -Pericles -Sargon -Cyrus Cyrus
Hammurabi’s codes of law were written in which style of writing / language? Cuneiform
Which of these is a main reason early civilizations developed where they did? -rivers were natural highways -land good for farming -food surpluses -all were reasons All were reasons
The city-states of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa developed in which river valley? Indus
Which of these is in correct order, from oldest (left) to the most recent (right)? -Sumer, Babylon, Persia, Greece Babylon, Egypt, Sumer, Persia -Akkad, Assyria, Babylon, Sumer -Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Greece Sumer, Babylon, Persia, Greece
What was the main impact of the Agricultural Revolution? Allowed man to produce a surplus of food, allowing for the development of settlements
What are the two rivers that border Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
According to archaeological evidence, where did man migrate from? Africa
Give correct order of dates -101 AD, 203 AD, 887 BC, 981 BC -1540 BC, 504 BC, 146 BC, 70 AD -981 BCE, 887 BCE, 203 CE, 101 CE -887 BCE, 981 BCE, 101 CE, 203 CE 1540 BC, 504 BC, 146 BC, 70 AD
The Ancient Egyptians developed a calendar to help do what? -predict when the Nile River would flood -keep track of significant natural events -keep track of religious and cultural events -all were reasons All were reasons
Historians had to close the Lascaux Cave after they discovered that the wall paintings were deteriorating. What effect did they believe that tourists had on the paintings? Moisture from the breath of visitors was causing the paint to break down
Which is NOT a primary source or an artifact? -a letter home from a soldier -an interactive video that demonstrates Sumerian irrigation techniques -uncovered armor and pottery from an ancient city -wall paintings in an Egyptian tomb An interactive video that demonstrates Sumerian irrigation techniques
Which of the following statements about calendar systems is correct? -All calendara are based on the Egyptian calendar -The Mayan calendar is still widely used -Each calendar system is unique -all of the above are correct All of the above are correct
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