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foul body contact or unsportsmanlike behaviour
if a player is fouled while shooting the penalty is one or more free throws assigned to the fouled player
7 fouls per half one free throw plus bonus if he/she scores
10 fouls per half 2 free throws
types of fouls blocking, charging, unnecessary roughness, unnecessary language or behaviour, illegal substitution or delaying the game
basketball related games to play bump, 21, around the world and HORSE
triple threat a position where you catch the ball and protect to give you three options either to pass, dribble or shoot
on a free throw you may enter the key after the ball has been released
free throws may only be taken by the fouled player designated by the referee
the person who takes the free throw can not cross the free throw line until the ball hits the rim
if a basket is scored on a foul the point will count and one free throw will be awarded
if the shot for 2 points was unsuccessful two free throws will be awarded
if the shot for 3 points is unsuccessful two free throws will be awarded
violations travelling, a ball or player goes on or out of boundaries, three seconds in the key, double dribble, over and back, 10 second rule
Three seconds in the key An offensive player whose team is in possession of the ball can not stay inside they key for longer than 3 seconds
10 second rule Once a team is in possession of the ball they have 10 seconds to cross the centreline if they don't cross other team gets possession
Over and back Occurs when an offensive team crosses half court while in control back into their defensive zone
A basketball is about Two and a half feet in circumference
Baskets metal ring With an inside diameter of 18 inches, and netting or webbing hangs from the ring, two baskets one at each end of the court hang 10 feet above the floor
Blocking Foul to defensive player if they interfere with an offensive player with or without the ball
Charging Foul to offensive player if they interfere with an defensive player with or without the ball
Man-to-man defence Each player is assigned to defend and follow the movements of a single player on offence
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