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social studies

review for quiz on progressive era

spoils system political supporters were rewarded with jobs and favors
Pendleton Act established the Civil Service Commission to give examinations for federal jobs. Job seekers had to demonstrate their skills in these skills in these tests. Controlled hiring of many federal workers
muckraker investigative reporters who alerted about problems. exposed the "muck, "dirt' and corruption underlying society.
17th amendment set forth the direct election of senators. Ratified in 1913, gave people a voice in choosing their representatives.
suffragist fought for women's suffrage or women's right to vote, formed organizations to promote their cause.
19th amendment went into effect in 1920 came in time for women to vote in the presidential election, women's suffrage amendment.
prohibition laws that would ban making and selling alcohol
The Women's Christian Temperance Union women educated the public about alcohol abuse. Goals was to prohibition supported other causes including prison reform, women suffrage, improved working conditions and world peace. fight against alcohol
trustbuster obtained indictments, or legal charges against trusts in the beef, oil, and tobacco industries. Roosevelt was a trustbuster. Grouped into good and bad ones.
primary an election which a political party shoes its candidates.
The Seneca Falls Convention, 1848 -Elizabeth Cady Stanto and Lucretia Mott -Start of the Women's Rights Movement -passed a resolution paraphrasing the Declaration of Independence, stating that women were equal to men and deserve the right to vote
The Suffrage movement -Susan B. Anthony -gave women the right to vote -traveled around the country giving lectures and attending conventions
How come the role of women started to change? -new inventions such as the sewing machine, typewriters, telephones -more opportunities for college -industrialization -labor saving devices gave women more leisure time because of less housework
19th amendment passed in 1920, prohibiting states from denying any citizen the right to vote based on gender
The Progressives groups of people who wanted to correct the political and economic abuses.
Political and economic abuses were caused by... rapid growth of immigration, industrialization, urbanization
Who were the Progressive Presidents? -TR -Woodrow Wilson
16th amendment Granted Congress the power to tax
Jacob Riis -wrote the book How the Other Half Lives -exposed living conditions of urban poor, focused on tenements -NYC passed building codes to promote safety and heath
Ida Tarbell -worked for McClure's magazine, wrote "History of Standard Oll Company" -exposed the ruthless tactics of oil trusts -increased public pressure for more government control over big business, declared monopolies and broke them up
Upton Sinclair -wrote a novel The Jungle -investigated the dangerous working conditions of the meatpacking industry -Congress passed the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906
Thomas Nast -political cartoonist for Harper's Weekly -exposed Boss Tweed Ring's operations and political corruption by NYC's political machine Tammany Hall -Boss Tweed was convicted of embezzlement and died in prison
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