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American 1824-1850

Age of Jackson

Nullification Crisis Calhoun said only states could judge constitutionality of federal law; saw nullification as an alternative to seccession
Tariff tax on imported goods
Election of 1824 Jackson won the electoral vote but not majority; Adams wins presidency
Election of 1828 mudslinging campaigns; Jackson ran as Democrat and Van Buren as National Republican
The Corrupt Bargain Jackson likely won the popular vote; accused Clay of backing Adams in return for secretary of state position
The Whig Party this party backed the ideals of the American system; protective tariff
National Republican Party was formerly the Jeffersonian Republicans-Clay and Adams were in this party
Suffrage right to vote
Manifest Destiny God given right to take land
Indian Removal Act Southeastern Indian nations protested government treatment; Supreme Court ruled in favor of Cherokee
The Spoils system patronage system; replaced long serving employees with friends
Jackson's Inauguration mobs of common people attended this; unruly crowd followed Jackson back to the Executive Mansion
The Second Bank of the US Jackson opposed this; Biddle disagreed with Jackson; Jackson wanted privately held banks where the federal government could deposit its money
Pet Banks certain state banks that were loyal to the Democratic party
Wall Street financial district in NYC; banks, brokers; stock market
Trail of Tears forced removal to Indian Territory; Cherokee unprepared for harsh conditions
Nativisim anti-immigrants; anti-Catholics; only native born whites should hold office; American Republican Party
The, "Know Nothings" known as the American Republican party; nativist attitudes
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