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US History Exam

US History semester Exam

What merchants controlled to overland routes to Asia? Muslim
What European nation first discovered a sea route to Asia? Portugal
What Monarch sponsored Columbus’s first expedition? Isabella
The most significant fact about John Cabot’s voyages was that he Claimed land in North America for England
Luther’s religious ideas spread primarily because of The development of movable-type printing
The most important legacy of the Protestant Reformation was An emphasis on the authority of Scripture
How did the Protestant Reformation encourage settlement of the New World? Protestants went to the New World to escape from persecution
During the sixteenth century which country dominated exploration of the New World? Spain
The Aztecs were a highly civilized Indian Culture in Mexico
The Indian population in the New World dropped from fifty million to four million in about one century primarily because of Diseases brought by Europeans
Spanish culture in the New World had what characteristics primary concern about getting gold and silver, tyrannical government, exploitation of the Indians
Francis Drake attacked the ships and New World outposts of what country? Spain
The defeat of the Spanish Armada was significant because Marked the demise of Spanish power in the New world, preserved the Protestantism in England, Signaled the beginning of English power in the New World.
The first permanent English settlement in America was Jamestown
Settlers came to America for Religious freedom, riches, land
The major difference between Pilgrims and Puritans was over Staying in the Anglican church
What was the primary motivation for the settlement of Massachusetts? Religious freedom
Which was considered a New England colony? New Hampshire
The Pilgrims left Holland because The Dutch culture was harming the Pilgrims’ children
The Puritan attitude toward the Anglican church was that they wanted To stay in the church and improve it
What was a major reason for the quick growth of Massachusetts? The Great Migration
Which description does not apply to the Puritans? Separation of church and state
Connecticut differed from Massachusetts in that it Did not require church membership for voting
Who was the most significant figure in the settlement of Connecticut? Thomas Hooker
Which phrase best fits Rhode Island? Haven for religious dissenters
Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire all Were started by settlers from Massachusetts
Which section of the colonies had the greatest cultural diversity Middle colonies
Which of the following was considered a Middle Colony Pennsylvania
Before the English came, New Jersey was settled by the Swedes and Dutch
The House of Burgesses was The first self-governing assembly in America
Roman Catholics found a refuge in which colony? Maryland
One purpose for the settlement of Georgia was to Protect the colonies from Spain
What geographic feature was at the heart of the Louisiana Territory? Mississippi River
France was a threat to the thirteen colonies because Had strong alliances with Indians, British had difficulty in defending scattered settlements, Failure of the colonies to present a united front
Why did the Iroquois ally with the British? The Iroquois’ enemy had joined the French
Under the Treaty of Utrecht, Britain gained territory in what regions Eastern Canada, The West Indies, Gibraltar
What “world war” brought an end to French power in the New World? French and Indian War
What event sparked the French and Indian War? A force commanded by George Washington clashed with the French near the forks of the Ohio River
What advantage did the French have over the British throughout the French and Indian War? Stronger Indian allies
What was Britain’s chief disadvantage during the French and Indian War? Lack of colonial unity
Why was Franklin’s Albany Plan a failure? The colonists feared centralized government
Who were the Acadians French settlers who were forcibly removed from Nova Scotia
The British three-part plan to win the Seven Years’ War included all of the following except to leave fighting in Europe to its ally, Prussia, Use its fleet to isolate the French colonies, Replace old, incompetent commanders
The key campaign of the French and Indian War was the capture of Quebec
Why was the Battle of the Plains of Abraham important? The British captured the French Canadian capital
What peace treaty brought an end to the French and Indian War? Treaty of Paris
One of the major reasons that the colonies were taxed after the French and Indian War was that the British Needed money to pay for the war
Nationalism grew in the American colonies because The colonies were isolated from the help of Britain, Private ownership of land gave Americans a stake in their society, the colonies were accustomed to self-government.
Which law was a direct threat against the colonists’ “power of the purse”? Townshend Acts
The first successful example of colonial unity was the ________ Congress Stamp Act
What was the crucial issue behind the War of Independence? Practical self-government
What was the main purpose of the Committees of Correspondence? To provide news on British threats to liberty
What sparked the Coercive Acts? The Boston Tea Party
What was a major accomplishment of the First Continental Congress? To assert the rights of the colonies to govern themselves
The major reason that the colonists lost the Battle of Bunker Hill was that The American soldiers ran out of ammunition
What did common Sense advocate Independence from Britain
Why did George Washington attempt to defend New York? Giving up the city without a fight would damage support for the war.
Princeton was an important victory for Washington because it Raised the low morale of the army
The Saratoga campaign was an important victory for the Patriots because it Brought France into the war
What act of treason did Benedict Arnold agree to perform To hand over a fort
In what area did the “Swamp Fox” help the war effort Guerrilla raids
What unexpected event turned Cornwallis’s secure position at Yorktown into a hopeless trap? Arrival of a French fleet with reinforcements
Jeffersonian Republicans strongly supported states’ rights
What was the “revolution of 1800” Political victory of the Republicans
Sacajawea was an Indian Assistant to Lewis and Clark
Tecumseh was a threat to the United States because he Attempted to unite the Indian tribes into one nation
The immediate result of the Chesapeake affair was The Embargo Act
Which of the following events occurred last? The War of 1812
What advantage did the United States enjoy at the beginning of the War of 1812? British involvement in the Napoleonic Wars
Why was the U.S.S. Constitution called “Old Ironsides”? Enemy cannonballs bounced off its oak sides
During what British attack did an American general surrender his entire force without a fight? Siege of Detroit
The Battle of __________ was an astounding victory by a makeshift American fleet. Lake Erie
Created by: CoachSimpson
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