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Prelude to Rev.

Prelude to Revolution

Know the chronological order or the events leading up to the Revolutionary War see 1/2 sheet
What was the main issue of the French and Indian War? dispute over land and trading rights in the Ohio River Valley
Who were at battle during the French and Indian War? French and Indians vs. Colonists, British and some Indians
What is the Proclamation Act? Colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains because the British were attempting to stop battles between Native Americans and Colonists
What was the Sugar Act? (1764-1766) Tax placed on sugar and molasses shipped to the colonies. The purpose was for Colonists to help repay the debt from the French and Indian War
What was the Stamp Act? (1765-1766) Tax on all legal and commercial documents including: wills, contracts, newspapers, diplomas, playing cards, etc. The purpose was for Colonists to help repay the debt from the French and Indian War.
What was the Quartering Act? Colonists were required to provide housing to British soldiers
What was the Stamp Act Congress? First time the colonies got together without Britain. 9 colonies met in NY in secret and wrote proposals to Parliament asking to repeal the Stamp Act and declared "no taxation without representation"
What was the Declaratory Act? Britain had just repealed the Stamp and Sugar Acts but didn't want the colonies to think they had control so Britain declared supreme authority over the colonies
What was the Townshend Act? Taxes placed on imports: glass, paper, lead, paint, and tea. Britain repealed the Stamp and Sugar Acts but still needed money to repay debt from the French and Indian War.
What was the response to the Townshend Act? Immediate protest of British goods.
Describe the Boston Massacre. Tensions were rising after the Townshend Acts. British soldiers were on duty in Boston, a group of colonists starting throwing snowballs at the soliders. A colonist yelled "Fire if you dare!", the soldiers started to shoot. 5 colonists were killed
Describe the Tea Act. Parliament passed the Tea Act mandating that Colonists buy tea only from the British East India Tea Company. Colonists began smuggling tea because it was more popular and to avoid the tax.
What was the Boston Tea Party? As a boycott to the Tea Act, The Sons of Liberty, dressed as Mohawk Indians threw 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor
Identity the 5 Acts that were considered part of the Intolerable or Coercive Acts. Boston Port Act - closed Boston Harbor Massachusetts Government Act - revoked MA charter Administration of Justice - sent to Britain for trial Quebec Act - took land from colonies Quartering Act - house British soldiers
What was the purpose and effect of the Intolerable or Coercive Acts? The King wanted to punish the colonies for the Boston Tea Party. These acts were directed at Massachusetts but affected all the colonies
What was the First Continental Congress? A meeting in response to the Intolerable Acts defending colonial rights. Most delegates hoped a boycott would work and avoid war since were not ready to declare independence. Called for each colony to begin training troops. GA did not attend
How could the British Parliament have handles some of these matters differently? see notes
What is the difference between patriots and loyalists? see notes
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