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Boucher- WWI

Why did the United States want to remain neutral when World War I began? The events that started World War I had not occurred in America
Why was World War I the first big modern war? It was the first war that used weapons such as machine guns, U-boats, and tanks.
Why did the United States eventually join World War I? A German U-boat attacked and sank a passenger ship, killing 128 Americans
How did Tennesseans on the home front contribute to the war effort? Families only bought certain amounts of food so that the rest could be sent to soldiers oversees. Women planted victory gardens in order to grow their own vegetables. Women sold bonds to help pay for the war.
Why did President Wilson form the League of Nations? He wanted to prevent another world war from occurring by giving nations a peaceful place to sort out their problems.
Why did President Wilson urge Congress to pass the 19th Amendment after World War I? He believed that women deserved to be citizens due to their contributions to the war effort.
Why did Governor Roberts hold a special session in Tennessee? He wanted to give Tennessee's General Assembly the opportunity to approve the 19th Amendment in order for it to pass.
What was the War of the Roses? It was the fight to ratify the 19th Amendment in Tennessee.
How did Herbert Hoover encourage the American people to help with the war effort? He wanted them to have Meatless Mondays, Wheatless Wednesdays, and Porkless Saturdays.
Why did Lawrence Tyson take a small boat into the Atlantic Ocean? He was looking for his son whose airplane had been shot down by the Germans.
What was one reason the United States entered World War I? The United States entered World War I because the Germans sank the British passenger ship the Lusitania.
What was the purpose of the Zimmerman Telegram? Germany tried to get Mexico to join them in the war by promising them land that belong to the United States.
Why was the state of Tennessee considered the Volunteer State during World War I? Instead of waiting to be drafted, 19,000 Tennesseans volunteered to fight in World War I.
Many black Tennesseans hoped their patriotism would earn them respect. However what was the war like for black Tennesseans? Despite their efforts to show their patriotism, black soldiers still faced segregation in the military.
What ways did women help on the home front? Many women sold government bonds to help pay for the war. Women also volunteered with the Red Cross. Other women went to work in the factories across the country.
What nickname was given to American soldiers? They were nicknamed doughboys because of their dusty appearance as they marched through Mexico in the Mexican-American war.
What were some of the ways the country celebrated when the war was over? Many Americans had parades in the streets of the cities. Betty Lyles of Tennessee headed a food drive to get people across the state to bake over 10,000 cakes for returning soldiers. In Jackson, they planned a huge celebration to show their support for bl
What was one way Alvin C. York became a war hero in World War I? York and eight other American soldiers charged across the fighting lines and captured 132 German soldiers.
How did women benefit from the new changes happening in America after the war? The women were more educated and independent than any generation before them.
How did women change after the 19th Amendment gave them the right to vote? Women began to feel more independent. Women started taking jobs outside of the home. Many women chose not to have children.
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