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Chapter 10 Review

What court case was in result of Maryland trying to tax a branch of the bank of the United States? McCulloch v. Maryland
What did Jack believe favored the wealthy? National Bank
Why did the North favor high tariffs? They protected Northern Industry.
Why did the South dislike high tariffs? It raised the price of goods they imported.
Why did the South import most of its finished goods? They have few factories.
Your right to vote is known as Suffrage
Term for breaking away from the Union Secede
The giving of government jobs to one's political supporters after election victory is know as what? Spoils system
This stated that the United States would not allow any European powers interfere with countries in Latin America. Monroe Doctrine
Tariff of 1828 lead to. Nullification Crisis
Andrew Jackson favored the Indian Removal Act of 1830 because It made land available for white settlers
What state were the Cherokees from? Georgia
What state were Indians removed to? Oklahoma
Which state was involved in the Nullification Crisis? South Carolina
Who was the Vice President that was a strong supporter of state's rights? John C. Calhoun
Who was popular with the "common man" Andrew Jackson
The idea of spreading political power to the people and ensuring majority rule was characteristic of Democracy
Who believed the Constitution united the American people, not just the states? Daniel Webster
What court case tried to defend Cherokees right to their land? Worcester v. Georgia
Where did Jackson receive much of his support? from the west and south
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