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U.S. History 5 & 6

Industrialization, 1865-1901. Urban America, 1865-1896

Entrepreneurs people who take risk in a business in order to make a profit
Trust a group of separate companies placed under control of a single board to form a monopoly
Cartel an association of business making the same product that controls prices and supply to monopolize the market
Monopoly a company that completely controls the market of a certain industry
Vertical consolidation gaining control of the many different businesses that make up all phases of a product's development
Horizontal consolidation gaining control of the companies in the same industry
Labor union organization of workers formed to increase wages, reduce hours, and improve working conditions
Industrial Workers of the World also known as the IWW or Wobblies. Led by Eugene V. Debs.
Tammy Hall New York political machine ran by "Boss" who stole as much as $200 million from the government
Pendleton Civil Act. 1883
Pendleton Civil Act. designed to end the Spoil System
John D. Rockefeller Controlled nearly all the nation's oil refineries
J.P. Morgan banking, U.S. Steel, and General Electric
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