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History chapter 19

lesson 3

Frederick W. Taylor ,published a popular book called The Principles of Scientific Management, encouraged managers to view workers as interchangeable parts of the production process.
What did Taylor influence to pay less attention to working conditions
Knights of Labor first national labor union, had skilled and unskilled workers.
What did the Knights of Labor push for 8hour workday, equal right for equal pay, and end to child labor
Specialization workers repeating a single step again and again
Terence V. Powderly leader of knights, made first national labor union in USA
American Federation of Labor (AFL) group that organized individual national unions of skilled workers, early labor union
Samuel Gompers Leder of AFL
Collective Bargaining all workers acting collectively, together workers acted to get better wages or working conditions
Mary Harris Jones worked fro better conditions for miners
What did Mary Harris Jones organize? strikes and helped educate workers
Haymarket Riot a union protest in Chicago where strikers fought with police. Resulted in a bomb being thrown and shots fired. many injured and killed
Homestead Strike violent 1892 strike at Carnegie's Homestead steel factory that ended with state militia
What did the people of the Homestead Strike go on strike for ? they protested the plan to buy new machinery and cut jobs
Pullman Strike strike of Pullman railroad workers that stopped traffic on many railroad lines until federal courts ordered the workers to return to their jobs
Who sent troops to stop the Pullman Strike? President Grover Cleveland
Created by: Ella!!