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US His Final Sem 1

Monopoly A single Corporation that controls an entire industry
Andrew Carnegie Industrialist who sold his steel business and became one of the wealthiest men in the world
John D. Rockefeller Industrialist who gained control of the oil industry
American Federation of Labor (AFL) Formed to focus on workers' issues such as wages and working hours
Angel Island The location on the west coast at which most Asian immigrants entered the United States
Tenement A rundown building divided into a number of apartments to house several families
Sharecropping System under which farm workers are often unable to get out of debt to the landowners
Dawes Act Legislation that encouraged the Native Americans to assimilate into the main American culture
Gospel of Wealth The idea that those who accumulated great wealth should share their riches for the betterment of society
Populist Party A group that favored lower transportation costs, the regulation of the railroads, and the coinage of "free silver"
Muckrackers Socially conscious writers who dramatized the need for reform
Settlement house A community center that provided social services to the urban poor
NAWSA An organization that worked for women's suffrage
Booker T. Washington An African American leader who urged African Americans to demand immediate recognition of their rights
NAACP ( National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) An organization that used the courts to challenge laws that were unfair to African Americans
Square Deal Theodore Roosevelt's plan for fair government
Gifford Pinchot A man who lead the Division of Forestry under President Theodore Roosevelt
Clayton Antitrust Act Legislation that strengthened the Sherman AntiTrust Act by spelling out the specific activities in which businesses could not engage
Sphere of Influence Privileged access by Britain, France, Germany, and Russia to Chinese ports and markets
William Howard Taft Governor of the Philippines who later became president of the United States
Emilio Aguinaldo A Filipino nationalist who rebelled separately against Spain and the United States
"Moral" diplomacy President Woodrow Wilson's foreign policy
Platt Amendment Effectively brought Cuba within the U.S. sphere
Jingoism Aggressive form of nationalism popularized by U.S. press
Imperialism A policy in which strong nations control weaker countries or territories
William Randolph Hearst Owner of the New York Journal
Reparations Payments for war damages
Creditor nation A country that owes less money than it is owed
Lusitania British passenger ship
Western Front A section of French border that was critical to winning the war
Bernard Baruch Head of the War Industries Board
Influenza A viral illness
Espionage Act Banned certain printed materials
Casualties Soldiers killed, wounded and missing
John H. Pershing Commander of American forces in Europe
Selective Service Act Authorized a military draft
Bonus Army World War I veterans who marched on Washington to demand payment of money promised by Congress
Okies Dust Bowl refugees who moved westward to find work
Speculation Risky stock purchases made by investors with the hope of high returns
Herbert Hoover President when the stock market crashed
Repartitions Government efforts to encourage or pressure Mexican immigrants to return to Mexico
Douglas MacArthur General who dispersed protestors in the capital by ordering federal troops to fire on them with tear gas
Business Cycle The periodic expansion and contraction of the economy
Tenant Farmers Agricultural workers who work on land owned by someone else
Trickle-down economics The theory that money invested in banks and businesses will work its way through the system to laborers
Great Depression The occasion of the stock market crash
Andrew Mellon Wealthy banker who served in the Harding administration
Scopes Trial Set the theories of Charles Darwin against fundamentalism
Dawes Plan Agreement to settle international debts from World War I
Harlem Renaissance 1920's cultural outpouring assiciated with African
The Jazz Singer First film with synchronized sound
Langston Hughes Wrote of the pain and pride of being black
Mass production Manufacturing method in which each worker performs one step
Sigmund Freud Psychologist who stressed the importance of the unconscious mind
Ku Klux Klan Targeted blacks, Jews, Catholics, and immigrants
Bull market A period during which the value of stocks increases
Huey Long Louisiana Senator who opposed the New Deal
Pump priming Putting money in consumers' hands to stimulate the economy
Welfare State Formed when the government assumes responsibility for providing for citizens' needs
Mary McLeod Bethune Member of the Black Cabinet
Sit-down Strike Protest used against General motors
Court packing Name for FDR's attempt to change the Supreme Court
Federal Art Project New Deal program that funded large murals
Works Progress Administration New Deal program created to build and improve highways
John Steinbeck Writer of the "Grapes of Wrath"
Collective bargaining Allowed union members to negotiate about hours and wages
Dollar Diplomacy President Taft's policy of expanding American investments abroad
Western Front Word War I battle front between the Allies and Central Powers in western Europe
Al Capone Head of large illegal network in the 20's that ran speakeasies where customers could buy alcohol, and other illegal activities
Black Tuesday Oct, 29, 1929..when stock prices fell sharply in the Great Crash
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Government agency that insures bank deposits, guaranteeing that depositors' money will be safe
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority - government agency that built dams in the Tennessee River Valley to control flooding and generate electric power
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps - New Deal program that provided young men with relief jobs on environmental conservation projects, including reforestation and flood control
Social Security Act 1935 law that set up a pension system for retirees, established unemployment insurance, created insurance for victims of work related accidents, provided aid for blind, disabled
Wagner Act New Deal law that abolished unfair labor practices, recognized the right of employees to organize labor unions, and gave workers the right to collective bargaining
WPA Workers Progress Administration - New Deal agency that provided work relief through various public - works projects
Joseph Stalin Italian Leader
Blitzkrieg "Lightening war" use of speed and firepower to penetrate deep into the enemy's territory
Adolf Hitler Leader pf Germany
Tojo Hideki General and later became Japanese Prime Minister, nickname "The Razor" for his sharp mind, which he used to focus on military expansion
Tripartite Pact Agreement that created an alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan during World War II
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