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Ch. 7 section 1

Important people, events and places

Articles of Confederation - adopted 1777 - ratified March 1, 1781 Gave Congress authority:1) conduct foreign affairs 2) maintain an armed forces 3) borrow money 4) and issue currency Congress could not:1) regulate trade 2) force people to join the army 3) impose taxes
John Adams Member of the 2nd Continental Congress
Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation 1) Could not collect taxes 2)could not force people to join army 3)No control over trade 4) Could not pass a law unless 9 states voted in favor 5) Could not force states to carry out laws 6) 13 states had to agree to an amendment 7) no new state provision
Ordinance of 1785 It was a law for surveying and selling the western land north of the Ohio River 1) divided the territories into townships- 6 miles by 6 miles 2)Each township had 36 sections 3) each section had 640 acres 4) section 16 was for schools
Northwest Ordinance 1787 - Freedom of religion & trial by jury guaranteed It created one Northwest Territory of land north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River. It was to be divided into 3-5 smaller territories.If population reached 60,000, they could petition for statehood. No slavery or involuntary servitude.
British Problems 1) Troops in Great Lakes region in strategic forts 2) Not willing to talk 3) Americans complained the British were keeping them from the West Indies & profitable markets 4) British complained that Congress did not give Loyalists their property back
Spanish Problems 1) Did not want Americans expanding into territory west of the Mississippi River 2) Closed the lower part of the Mississippi River to American shipping in 1784
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