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Westward Expansion

areas of annexation, trails, manifest destiny

Manifest destiny, the annexation of Texas, the Mexican Cession, the Gold Rush are events from the era known as Westward Expansion
Westward expansion occurred during the 19th century or the 1800s
According to the Northwest Ordinance, a territory's population needed to be at least ________ in order for it to become a state. 60,000 people
Americans believed the U.S. had a God-given right to expand westward from the Atlantic to the __________ Ocean. Pacific Ocean
New land for farmers, new resources, new trade routes and markets: these are _________ reasons for westward movement. economic
Mormons seeking refuge from religious persecution is an example of a _________ reason for westward movement. social
The annexation of Texas and a dispute over its borders caused the U.S. to enter a war with _________. Mexico
According to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the U.S. would receive what territory for $15 million? the area of the Mexican Cession
Why did the U.S. buy the land in the Gadsden Purchase in 1853? to build a railroad
The Louisiana Purchase was made in what year? 1803
Florida was purchased in 1819 from what country? Spain
Access to navigable ___ in the the Oregon and Louisiana Territory helped connect farms to port cities along the coast. rivers
The Oregon Trail started in Missouri and ended at the coast of the ________ Ocean. Pacific
The Northwest Ordinance was a law that created an orderly procedure for establishing territories & how they could become _____. states
Discovery of ____ caused a rush of settlers to California in 1849. gold
Americans believed in manifest destiny so they moved __. westward
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