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Jewish Religion

Prohet Messenger sent by God to share God's ways
Monotheism Belief of one God
Tribe A social groups made up of families
Exodus The departure of the Israelites
Covenant Agreement with God
Torah Laws that Moses received from God
Commandment Rules that God wanted the Israelites to follow
Alphabet Set of letters
1290BC Exodus
Psalm Sacred song or poem
Proverb A wise saying
Exile Force of absence
1100BC Israelites settled in much of Canaan
1000BC David Fought the Philistine warrior
722BC Assyrians invaded Israel
597BC Chaldeans made the Israelites move to Babylon
586BC Chaldeans destroyed temple and took 1000 Israelites to Babylon (Babylonian Exile)
Synagogue Jewish house for worship
Sabbath Weekly day of worship and rest
Scroll A long document made from pieces of parchment sown together
Kosher Prepared according to Jewish dietary law
538BC Persians conquered Chaldeans Let the Jews go back to Judah
Diaspora Groups of Jews living outside Jewish homeland
Rabbi Official leader of the Jewish congregation
331BC Macedonia defeated the Persians
276BC Alexander the Great told the Jews to worship Greek gods
176BC Alexander the Great died
167BC Revolted against Romans
66AD Zealot revolted
70AD Romans took back city
132AD Bar Kochba freed Jews
1947 Found dead sea scrolls
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