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3rd 6 Wk TX History

Why is 1821 significant? Mexico independence from Spain
Hayden Edwards started what rebellion Fredonian Rebellion
Mier y Teran observed what more Americans than Mexicans in Texas
What law imposed the following: no US immigration, raised taxes on US imports, increased military presence in TX Law of April 6, 1830
What caused Stephen F. Austin to change his mind about Mexico and want to go to war with them His arrest
What war started in 1835 Texas Revolution
What was the 1st major battle in the TX revolution? Battle of Gonzalez
What was the 2nd major battle in the TX revolution? The Alamo
What was the 3rd Major battle in the TX revolution? Goliad Massacre
What was the last Major battle in the TX revolution? Battle of San Jacinto
When Santa Anna told Travis to surrender at the Alamo Travis wrote a letter asking for what reinforcements
What about the prairie caused Fannin to surrender at Goliad it was to open
Santa Anna surrendered after what battle Battle of San Jacinto
Why is 1836 significant? Texas Independence
The following describes who: -1st and 3rd President of TX -Wanted Annexation -Got rid of the costly navy -Lowered debt Sam Houston
Why is 1845 significant? Texas Annexation
The following describes what: -Fight over the TX border -US won -US payed Mexico $15 million for land west of TX (mexican cession) Mexican - American War
The following describes what: -TX=slave state -California = free state -TX sells part of their land to pay off debt Compromise of 1850
Created by: gaddisk
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