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Mid Term Review

8th Grade Social Studies Civics Review

While all citizens have both duties and responsibilities, the responsibilities are voluntary actions.
Mr.Towle receives a draft notice in the mail. The next day he reports to the military recruitment station. This is an example of performing his civic duty.
Susan went to the movies. During the film, the man behind her repeatedly used a cell phone. Susan quietly asked the man to turn off the phone. Courtesy
The right protected in the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to contact public officials to make views known is - petition.
All of these actions are protected by the 1st Amendment EXCEPT - women may vote in all elections.
Which amendment to the United States Constitution defines citizenship? 14th Amendment.
What is the legal process whereby one becomes an American citizen called? Naturalization.
A system of government in which voters select public officials to conduct government on their behalf is - a representative democracy.
In the November election, citizens will be voting yes or no to allow Fairfax County to borrow money to fund a new high school. This action is an example of - consent of the governed.
Which fundamental principle of United States government is BEST demonstrated when United States citizens are allowed to vote? Democracy.
The document which guaranteed the American colonists the same rights as Englishmen was the - Charters of the Virginia Company of London.
The Articles of Confederation failed because the states had little power.
The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation led to the writing of which document? The United States Constitution.
The Articles of Confederation maintained that the major powers of government resided with the - state governments.
Which document establishes the current structure of the American government? Constitution of the United States.
Which document protects the fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition? The Bill of Rights.
A goal of the founding fathers was to guarantee that the states would operate as a united country rather than 13 separate states. Which part of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States supports this goal? "... form a more perfect union..."
The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States expresses the purposes of the government. One of the purposes is to “establish justice”. This means to - establish a court system to protect due process rights.
In our federal system of government - the national government is supreme.
Powers that are NOT given to the national government by the Constitution of the United States are - reserved powers.
The president and vice president are elected by - a majority vote in the Electoral College.
One example of mass media used in political campaigns is - newspapers.
In order to win elections political parties - appeal to the political center.
The high cost of campaigning has all of these results EXCEPT - opening opportunities for more individuals to run for public office.
Efforts to reform campaign finance laws began because of increasing - campaign costs.
Qualifications to Vote in Virginia include being Citizen of the United States, Eighteen years of age, and ... a state resident.
As a result of the rising cost of campaigns, political activists have formed - political action committees.
The number of electors in the Electoral College for each state is based on the number of - representatives and senators that a state has in the United States Congress.
The three major factors that determine whether or not someone votes are ... education, income, and age.
Created by: mstowle
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