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Revolutionary War

Reasons for and Players of the Revolution VS 5a-c

Why did the English Parliament and the colonists disagree? Parliament believed it had power over the colonies Colonists believed their local government held the power Parliament believed it had the right to tax the colonies Colonists believed in no taxes without representation
What role did Virginians play in the Revolutionary War? Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence Patrick Henry spoke against taxation without representation George Washington was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army
Who took on more responsibility in the Revolutionary War? Women took on more responsibility to support the war effort
What roles did African Americans play in the Revolutionary War? Some enslaved African Americans served in the Continental Army Some freed African Americans fought for independence
What important ideas were written into the Declaration of Independence? The authority to govern belongs to the people, not the King. All people were created equal. Everyone has rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Why was Thomas Jefferson an important Virginian? He wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was the governor of Virginia during this time.
Who was Jack Jouett? He rode on horseback through the backwoods of Virginia to warn Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him and other members of the General Assembly.
Why was the Battle of Great Bridge significant? It was the first land battle of the American Revolution to be fought in Virginia. The American victory forced the British Colonial governor to flee the city of Norfolk.
Who were the colonists who wanted to fight for their independence? The patriots
Who were the colonists who wanted to remain loyal to the king? The loyalists
Who were the colonists who didn't care one way the other about the war? They were neutral.
Why did the British parlliment and the colonists disagree? They both thought they had the right to govern the colonies.
Who was a great speaker and is known for saying "Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry
Who was the commander in chief, a great military leader, and our first president? George Washington
Who was the enslaved African American that served as a spy and won his freedom after the war? James Armisted Lafayette
Who surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown? The British surrendered, so the colonists(Americans) won the war
What land did the French and the British (colonists) fight over in the French and Indian War? The Ohio River Valley
Created by: tinaclarke