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AP Gov Summer

Current Secretary of Defense? Ashton Carter
Current Chief Justice? John G. Roberts, Jr.
Current Speaker of the H.O.R.? John Boehner
How many people are in the HOR and how may are required for a simple majority? 435, and 50% plus 1
How long is the term for a senator? 6 years
How long is the term for a member of the House? 2 years
What is the absolute maximum number of years someone can be President? 10 years
How specifically is it determined how many delegates a state has in the Electoral College? By the population
How many years have Republicans held the office of presidency since 1/20/1961 25
Who is the member of the US HOR that reps you? John Woodall
Who are the 2 Senators from the State of GA? David Purdue and John Isakson
Who was President in 1965? LBJ
Who was President in 1975? Richard Nixon
Who was President in 1985? Ronald Reagan
Basic qualifications of a President? (3) Natural born citizen of the U.S., permanent resident for 14 years, at least 35 years old
Term length/limit on terms/max years in office? 4 years/2 terms/10 years
How do Electoral Colleges work? they vote to determine who the next POTUS and VPOTUS will be
How many justices in the Supreme Court/ length of their term? 9 Justices, lifetime term
Created by: sahil