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Ancient rome test

twelve tables after the plebeian rebellion, roman laws were etched out on bronze tablets and displayed in the forum where all citizens could see them
how did the etruscans influence roman culture? the etruscans taught the romans improved building techniques, including the arch. They taught them their alphabet, leading to a written language. rome went from a village to a city with the paved roads, sewers and aqueducts
The Aeneid a legend about the creation of rome. In this story, a trojan War hero named Aeneas began the city.
Romulus & Remus Twin brothers who legends say were abandoned the Tiber River, rescued by a wolf and raised by a Shepard. Romulus founded Rome after killing Remus over where to place the city.
Julian callender one of Julius Caesar's reforms included changing the calendar to include 12 months 365 days and a leap year. Our calendar today is still very similar to this design.
Roman engeneering .Built a great series of roads connecting the empire with the development of surveying and concrete perfected the use of the arch and used it in aqueducts, bringing fresh water to the city from distant sources
Roman engineering cont. .built stadiums,public baths,sewer systems,bridges, impressive public buildings
Hadrian One of the five "good emperors." Built a stone wall that protected the northern boundary of Roman Britain from invasion. He also simplified the law code to make it easier to understand and apply.
Rule of law The concept that laws should apply to ALL citizens, fairly.
Julius Caesar Roman military hero and rome most famous leader. His troops controlled Gaul and crossed the rubicon river with his troops and caused the civil war that ended the roman republic by declaring himself "dictator for life"
Octavian Caesars grandnephew and member of the Second Triumvirate. He was later known as the emperor augustus, who strengthened the roman Empire in areas of safety and government.
The first punic war General Hamilcar or carthage attacked Rome over the island of Sicily . Rome won this war and claimed the island, the first territory of the "boot"
The second punic war Carthage attacked Saguntum, an ally of Rome. Scipio of Rome vs. Hannibal of Carthage,Rome deleted Carthage at Zama of Africa. Carthage had to give up territories,ships and pay money to the Romans
The third punic war Carthage rebelled against Rome again, and Rome won.Carthage was leveled , the people enslaved, and the Roman soldiers poured salt bio the earth to discourage Carthage from developing again.
Geography of Rome (Where located, what natural protections,why good farmland, ect) was built on a hill about 15 miles up the tiber river from the Mediterranean Sea. One coast is flanked by the Apennines Mountains. This was ideal for trade and to provide protection from invasions. The gentle climate and rich soil allowed year round Farm
Hamilcar Carthaginian leader during The first punic war. He was Hannibal's father
Scipio Africanus The roman General in the second punic war. He defeated Hannibal at Zama, and won theme " Africans" because that battle took place in Africa.
Hannibal Himclar's son. He was the carthaginian general during the second punic war. He used elephants in battle and invaded Rome from the north. He was defeated at Zamma by Scipio Africanus
Currency Rome trade was helped by having a common currency, or system of mine. Romans coins were accepted throughout the mediterranean region which promoted trade between a larger area.
Created by: emilybegley31
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