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Vocabulary for STAAR

Words for STAAR

Bibliography A list of writings with time and place of publicatoin
Clause An expression using a subject and a predicate
Climax The decisive moment in a play or novel
Coherent Marked by an orderly and consistant relation of parts
Quantitative Expressible as an amount that can be measured
Ambiguous Having more than 1 possible meaning
Implicit Implied though not directly expressed
Parallelism Similarity by virtue of corresponding
Playwright Someone who writes a play
Venue The scene of any event or action
Ambiguous Having more then 1 meaning
Citation A short note reconizing a source of information
Consequence The outcome of an event
Counterargument An opinion offered in opposition to another position
Derive To come from
Adage A condenesed but memorable saying embodying a important fact
Differentiate Mark as distinct
Enunciation The articulation of speech with regards to intelligibillity
Foreshadow Indicated by signs
Nonverbal Involving little use of words
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