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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian HNRS HIST A & B Check In Quiz 7 Flashcards

What were the two "greatest dangers to a republic" according to Thomas Jefferson? 1.) High population density & the social evils it generated; 2.) The concentration of money & power in the hands of the few. (Pg. 206)
What events led to the Marbury vs. Madison Supreme Court Case? President Jefferson's Secretary of State, James Madison, held back appointment letters that John Marshall didn't deliver before his term expired. (Pg. 207)
What were the 2 main threats that jeopardized Jefferson's vision for a "new economy"? 1.) Pirates that controlled the Mediterranean Sea; 2.) France & Spain's attitudes toward westward expansion in the United States. (SQR2, Jared & Jenna)
What does the term "impeach" mean? To formally charge a public official with criminal conduct while in office. (SQR2, Jahla & Megan)
What was Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin's ambitious goal for the U.S.? To make the U.S. debt - free by 1817. (SQR2, Macy & Isaac)
Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin was responsible for making the U.S. debt free. What were some of the ways he did this? 1.) Closed several overseas embassies; 2.) Drastically reduced the size of the Navy; 3.) Cut the army in half; 4.) Put an end to President Adam's fancy receptions. (SQR2, Isaac & Macy)
What does it mean to "transship goods"? To ship cargo to a port, then transfer it to other ships for final destinations. (SQR2; Mady & Clayton)
How much money did Napoleon request for the purchase of the Louisiana Territory? $5 million. (SQR2, Mady & Clayton)
How did America stop Barbary pirates from attacking American ships until 1801? By using bribes. (SQR2, 1st Hour)
What 2 nations posed a serious threat to Jefferson's dream of rapid westward expansion? France & Spain. (5th hr. SQR2)
What are "internal taxes"? Taxes collected directly from others. (5th Hr. SQR2)
Who led the slave revolt on the island of Saint - Domingue? Francios Dominique Toussaint L'Ouverture. (5th Hr. SQR2)
When did Congress vote to ratify the Louisiana Purchase? November 1803. (5th Hr. SQR2)
List 2 of the goals that President Jefferson gave Lewis and Clark before exploring the Louisiana Territory. 1.) Note the numbers of French, Spanish, and other agents in the area; 2.) Note "the condition & number of the Indians". (SQR2, 1st hour)
Why was the fact that Lewis & Clark decided to spend the winter with the Mandan Indians important? It allowed them to come into contact with many tribes from the west, which helped them complete their primary mission. (SQR2, 1st Hour)
Why was Jefferson's notion of "breadbasket America trading" doomed in the West? 1.) Inexpensive, reliable transportation was impossible; 2.) No navigable streams. (SQR2, 1st Hour) Pg. 216
What were the only 2 reliable routes of transporting produce from the interior to shipping centers in the east? The Ohio - Mississippi - Missouri drainage system & the St. Lawrence River. (SQR2, 1st Hour)
What did the Awakening of 1801 emphasize? Individual nature of salvation and the importance of Christian community. (Mady & Isaac, SQR2)
Where did the revival of 1801 take place? Cane Ridge, Kentucky. (Mady & Isaac, SQR2)
Why did eastern companies get upset about westward expansion? All young people wanted to start their own lives & moved west, driving up the price of labor & reducing profits. (SQR2, 1st Hour)
List 2 of the goals that President Jefferson gave Lewis & Clark before exploring the Louisiana Territory. 1.) Note the numbers of French, Spanish, & other agents in the area; 2.) Note the "condition and number of the Indians". (SQR2)
What were the 2 conflicting religious currents during this time period? 1.) Liberalism in thought; 2.) A new Evangelicalism. (SQR2)
What were most people who moved out west looking for? Self sufficiency in agriculture which is something Jefferson advocated. (SQR2)
What were the 3 benefits of the Louisiana Purchase to Jefferson & the nation? 1.) France was removed from the U.S., saving jefferson from allying with Britain; 2.) Secured he Mississippi River for shipping goods; 3.) doubled the size of the U.S. (SQR2)
What were the names of the 2 new political parties that sprang up in opposition to Jefferson's party during the election of 1804? 1.) The Essex Junto; 2.) Tertium Quid. (Pg. 227)
What happened during Gabriel's Rebellion (in general).? In Virginia, a blacksmith named Gabriel (an enslaved African), organized a revolt that included both whites and blacks. They planned to invade Richmond, but torrential rains bogged them down and they were caught & hanged.
What were Thomas Jefferson's views of Native Americans? He felt that they were "savages", but was not convinced that they were biologically inferior to Europeans. (Pg. 221)
What were Thomas Jefferson's view of Africans? He asserted in his "Notes on the State of Virginia" he wrote that blacks were "inferior to whites in the endowments both of body & mind." He felt that "whites & blacks cannot live together without polluting both." (Pg. 219)
Created by: sticklerpjpII