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The Great Depression

from brain pop

Which of the following is a true statement about Black Tuesday? It was the result of a steady decline in demand for stocks in the previous year.
What was Black Tuesday? When the Stock Market crashed.
What can you infer about the federal government's economic policies during the Roaring Twenties? It encouraged spending.
Why did so many banks fail during the Great Depression? The banks made risky loans that weren't paid back.
What do most historians credit with ending the Great Depression? Massive government spending in preparation for World War II.
Why would a union call for a sit-down strike? To protest unfair working conditions.
What can you conclude from the fact that government breadlines were often very long during the Great Depression? Many people did not have enough to eat during the Depression.
What was the Dust Bowl? A huge area of ruined farmland in the middle of America.
What did Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington have in common? They were popular musicians.
What was the biggest problem facing the United States when FDR took office? Record unemployment
What was the main goal of the Federal Insurance Corporation? Preventing bank failures
What can you infer about the reason why the Social Security Act was passed? Many senior citizens faced poverty.
Roosevelt's Fireside Chats ______ people about the direct the United States was heading in. Reassured
How did FDR differ from every other president? He won four separate elections.
Why did some people criticize FDR's New Deal policies? Because they were expensive and expanded the government's power.
How did Roosevelt use technology to spread his ideas? Through short, simple radio addresses.
During the 1930's, the majority of the US population supported an isolationist policy toward Europe. What does this mean? Americans wanted to stay out of European conflicts.
What do most historians credit with ending the Great Depression? Massive government spending in preparation for World War II
Created by: scraig29
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