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SS test 1/7/16

Mesopotamia Vocab

Cuneiform Writing in symbols and pictures engraves onto clay tablets.
Scribe People who went to school for a long time to learn how to read and write cuneiform. They wrote documents that recorded much of the everyday life in Mesopotamia, including court records, marriage contracts, business dealings, and important events.
polytheism The belief in many gods.
Sargon The ambitious leader of Akkad, who conquered the Sumerian city-states and created the worlds first empire.
Hammurabi A Babylonian king who began conquering cities through out meso which created the Babylonian empire. He created a set of laws by which everyone was to follow. The code delt with all problems and had a consequence for every wrong action.
City-state a place that with its surrounding territory forms an independent state. Often had walls built around it to keep enemies away.
empire an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority.
ziggurat A large temple in which was the gods home. Only priests were allowed inside this holy place.
irrigation Digging canals that let water flow from a water source to their fields. This lets the crops get the amount of water that they need easily. This let these early farmers grow surpluses.
prehistory The period of time before written events.
silt Flooded rivers were filled with small particles of dirt that is good fertile soil for farming. That was the plus side of the floods.
stele A stone carving which has laws carved into it.
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