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History finals


Abolition of slavery 13th Amendment
Rights of citizens 14th Amendment
Voting rights for African Americans 15th Amendment
income tax 16th Amendment
The people elect senators 17th Amendment
Prohibition 18th Amendment
Women suffrage 19th Amendment
Air to the austrian throne, reason of WWI Franz ferdenand
Causes of European exploration Sea route to Asia, wealth, and spread Christianity
Middle passage Triangular trade of Africans
People that believed in protected religion (lived in mass., penn. and rhode.) Quakers
Working for employers for passage to the new world Indentured servant
John Locke social contract Democracy was the way ta go
Breaking ones will to fight with complete destruction TOTAL WAR
British taxation resulted in... Legislator debates, written documents and riots
First military engagements in the revolutionary war Lexington and Concord
This battle resulted in British victory when defenders ran out of ammo Bunker hill
Washingtons forces caught british troops off guard when he attacked on the night of Christmas in freezing conditions Trenton
Turning point in the Rev. war Saratoga
date of Declaration of independence 1776
Weaknesses of the Articles of confederation No power to tax, enforce laws, no system of courts, no steady leadership, state issue there own paper money
Wanted strong central government and weak state government Federalists
Wanted state power Anti-federalists
The Louisiana purchase was bought from... France
Causes of the war of 1812 Trade restrictions and impressment
Result of war of 1812 Treaty of Ghent
Cause of Mexican-American war Texas...
Results of Mex-american war Texas, California, new mexico
Allowed Kansas and Nebraska to decide if they wanted to become slave states. (people crossed state borders to vote them to be slave states) Kansas-Nebraska act
Strengths of the Federal government Control over the people, checks and balances
Wanted to punish the south Radical republicans
Enforced racial segregation Jim crow laws
fails of the progressive movement Didn't address civil rights, Sherman anti-trust act
success of progressivism Meat inspection act, square deal,coal strike
Tested the power of judicial review Marbury v. Madison
Court case addressed "separate but equal" Plessy v. Ferguson
Cause of Spanish American war Cuba wanted independence from Spain
Punish acts of interference with foreign relations Espionage and sedation act
MAIN militarism alliances imperialism nationalism
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