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Ancient China

loess a yellowish-brown soil found along the Huang He River
terrace platforms of earth used to plant crops on a hilly area
levee walls around a river bank to help stop rivers from overflowing
ancestor a relative who lived longer ago than a grandparent
pictograph ancient Chinese writing in which pictures represent words
province political division like a state
"China's Sorrow" the term given to the Huang He river because it often flooded and caused damage
Bronze Age a time period in which the metal, bronze, was used to make tools and weapons
oracle bones bones and shells with writing on them that were believed to tell the future
civil service using skills to work for the government
Silk Road a route often traveled on for trading
The Great Wall a wall built in China to protect it from nomads invading
Shi Huangdi the first emperor of China
Laozi Chinese philosopher who founded Daoism - "one with nature"
Confucius Famous Chinese philosopher whose sayings are written in the Analects
Yin Yang a symbol that represents opposite forces (good and evil, light and dark)
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