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8th grade SS Chapt 6

Chapter 6 SS Vocabulary

Bousillage A mixture of mud,deer hair, and moss used as a wall plaster
Casket girls (filles a la casette) 88 young girls of marriage able age who were sent from France to become brides for colonists, escorted by Ursuline nuns
Code noir A set of laws that regulated the behavior of slaves and the rules for their masters
Commandment Officer in command
Commissary-commisioner Business manager
Concession Grants of land
Coureurs de bois (wood runners) Hunters and trappers who were not offical settlers in New France (Canada)
Engage Indentured servants
Forcats prisoners who were forced to live in Louisiana
Indigo Plant that is used to make blue dye
Joint-stock company An early form of a corporation in which many people invested by buying stock
Long lot system Dividing land along the river so that each property owner had lad that was only a few hundred feet along the river bank, but as much as a mile inland
Mania Excessive enthusiasm
Mississippi bubble The expansion, then collapse, of the company that invested in the Louisiana colony
Morality Death
Pelicans girls A group of 23 young womenwho volunteered to come to come Louisiana to marry the coureurs de bois
Place d'armes City square in New Orleans now known as Jackson Square
Proprietorship The system of letting an induvidual businessman Take controlof the colony in the hopes that he could make it profitable
Poteau-en-terre Litteraly means posts in the ground;a Frensh style of construction in which sticks were horizontally between posts, then covered with bousillage and whitewashed
Tenure Term of office
Rogue Way ward or unlawful
Viceroy Govenor of a country or province who represents the king
Vieux carre The old square in new Orleans noe known as the French Quarter
Voodoo A religion originating in Africa based on charms potions spells and curses and was often disguised with Catholic symbolism
Voyageurs Hunters and trappers who legally regustered with French officals in Canada
Created by: asimien907
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